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Cardiff University Bursary

We believe that everyone who has the ability to study here should be able to do so whatever their financial circumstances.

In 2020/21, 5060 of our students benefited from a Cardiff University Bursary.


In order to qualify for an award, you must:

  • be eligible for UK student funding support for maintenance and have an assessed household income of below £35,000 (as defined in the Student Support funding regulations)
  • be liable to pay tuition fees of £9,000 (including tuition fee remission grant, if applicable). Please note: Some students studying healthcare-related subjects may receive NHS funding, in which case, they will not be eligible for Cardiff University Bursaries.

Amount awarded

In 2022, bursaries will be £1,000 for first-year students. This bursary relates to the 2022/23 academic year. In subsequent years, where a student continues to meet the eligibility criteria, a £500 bursary will be paid.

The £1,000 bursary is available on top of government-funded maintenance grants and loans.

How to apply

You don’t need to apply for the Cardiff University Bursary. Your eligibility will be determined through the statutory means test conducted by your UK student funding body to determine qualification for state grants and loans.

Please note that, as part of the conditions of being assessed for a bursary, the University will need to receive your data from your award authority regarding your household income.

Therefore, you will need to ensure that you do not tick the box on the assessment form to withhold consent to share this information if you wish to be considered for the Cardiff University Bursary. This information is needed to assess your eligibility.

Confirmation of the bursary will be sent prior to the first payment at the end of January 2023.

Find out more

For more details about this bursary, please contact the Bursaries and Scholarships team.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions only apply to students who enter higher education for the first time and start in year one of an eligible undergraduate course.

Current students and staff: for previous cohorts of students, please refer to the relevant year on the student intranet.

1. Eligibility conditions

The student must:

  • be commencing year 1 in a full-time undergraduate course at Cardiff University in 2022. NHS funded courses and PGCE courses are not covered by this scheme.
  • be eligible for UK student funding for living costs (as defined in the student support funding regulations)
  • have a household income as assessed by their award authority of less than £35,000 and have given consent to share this information with the University
  • be liable for £9,000 tuition fees and paying a minimum of £6,000 in 2022/23, (receiving the Welsh Government Tuition Fee Remission Grant does not exclude eligibility).
  • be in attendance at the payment attendance dates

2. Value of award

The bursary is £1,000 for all qualifying students.

Students will be re-assessed each year for a university bursary.  Decisions on bursary awards for 2023/24 and for continuing students will be announced in 2023.

The continuing students’ bursary will not be less than £500. Please note the Bursary in a student’s first year includes an element for initial costs.

3. Award conditions

The bursary is paid in two instalments; dates will be provided at the start of the academic year and are currently both in the second term.

The required attendance date is shortly before each payment date and students must be fully enrolled at that date.

If a household income is not confirmed to the University by the Student Loans Company before the 31 July 2023, the bursary cannot be paid.

4. Bursary procedures

No specific application is required.

Confirmation of entitlement to a University bursary will be sent to students who have a complete financial assessment and who have shared the information with the university before the end of the first term.

5. Bursary payment exemptions

Please note first year students must have a final complete assessment of their household income by their award authority for government loans and grants before a letter confirming their bursary can be sent or a payment made.

Students on leave of absence will not be paid a bursary if they are not in attendance on the required attendance date.

Students must be paying a minimum of £6,000 in 2022/23. Students on placement years or students studying abroad will not qualify for a bursary during that year. Students should contact their School or for details of any financial support available. Repeat year students paying less than £6,000 fees do not qualify for a bursary for the repeat year.

The payment of bursaries can be delayed if your attendance confirmation is not confirmed. This can be delayed if you have changed course or your student funding assessment is incomplete or delayed.

Bursary payments cannot be paid after the 31 July 2023.

Household incomes above £35,000 do not qualify for University bursaries.

If your household income falls by more than 15% during the academic year, you can contact your award authority to discuss a current year re-assessment of your student funding. If we receive notification of the change to your household income before the 31 July 2023, your bursary will be reassessed.

Any students who defer their application to 2023/24 will be considered under any schemes available at that time.

Any queries concerning the scheme should be referred to

Please note: If you chose not to take government support, to qualify for a University bursary, you will need to be assessed by the financial assessment process of your award authority and give consent to share this information with the University.