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Scholarships for Mexican Students

With a long history of welcoming students from Mexico, we are pleased to share three scholarship options offering funding support.

Consejo Nacional de Humanidades Ciencias y Tecnologias (CONAHCYT)

CONACYT offers scholarships to Mexican students enrolling on postgraduate courses.

The scholarships will fund study in both taught and research courses, in key priority areas (as specified by CONAHCYT).

We have a co-funding partnership agreement (convenio) with CONAHCYT for all of our courses, which means that the scholarship you receive will cover most of the tuition fee and living expenses for eligible taught and research courses.

You will not have to pay the money back to CONAHCYT, however, you will be required to return to work in Mexico after your period of study in the UK.

How to apply

You will need to have an unconditional offer to study at Cardiff University before you can apply for a CONAHCYT scholarship.

Once you have your unconditional offer, you can apply directly to CONAHCYT. Scholarships are awarded on merit and the minimum ‘promedio’ required by applicants is 8.0.

See scholarship application dates and deadlines on the CONAHCYT website.

FIDERH Scholarships

FIDERH (Fondo para el Desarrollo de Recursos Humanos) is a federal trust fund, administered by the Bank of Mexico, offering financing for speciality, master’s, or doctoral Studies at universities in Mexico and abroad.

As part of the agreement between FIDERH and Cardiff University, eligible FIDERH postgraduate students will be awarded a scholarship in the form of a 10% tuition fee discount.

FUNED Scholarships

FUNED (Fundación Mexicana para la Educación, la Tecnología y la Ciencia) offers scholarships and grants for high-achieving Mexican students to study postgraduate master’s degree programmes.

As part of the agreement between FUNED and Cardiff University, eligible FUNED postgraduate students will be awarded a scholarship in the form of a 10% tuition fee discount.

For more information on these scholarships or our activities in Mexico, please contact Luis Ananguren:

Luis Ananguren

Luis Ananguren

Regional Manager


Further information

For more information on scholarships for Mexican students, please our Mexico country page.