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Walk-in access to electronic resources

Members of the public and visiting staff and students can access a selection of our electronic resources by registering for the 'walk-in access to electronic resources' service.

This service is available on dedicated terminals in the Arts and Social Studies Library, Bute Library, Health Library, Science Library, and Trevithick Library. Check the access arrangements for each library at its location page.

Register for walk-in access

You must register at a Cardiff University library each time you use the service. To register, please bring one of the following forms of suitable identification:

  • current Cardiff University associate library card
  • passport/EU national identity card
  • UK driver's licence
  • current credit or debit card
  • utility bill
  • benefit card or book
  • bank or credit card statement
  • NUS or student ID card

This service operates on a first-come, first-served basis. On the day you plan to visit, we recommend you telephone a Cardiff University library to check availability.

You can find out how we deal with your personal information in the Library services privacy notice.

Access the electronic resources

When you have registered, a member of the library staff will log you into the walk-in access service on one of our dedicated computer terminals:

  • you should then be able to see the Welcome page
  • click on the Resources tab to access all the resources available

Please note that you can only search content within individual resources, not the service as a whole.

Please remember:

  • to use this service you must comply with the copyright regulations and our terms and conditions
  • you may only access eResources from one of the dedicated computer terminals in the libraries participating in this service
  • you can search within each resource, but we do not subscribe to all content in each resource
  • access to particular resources, or access to the service as a whole may be withdrawn at any time

You may not:

  • use the service for commercial or business purposes
  • email or save any search results or articles
  • access any sites, software or applications (such as Microsoft Office or email) outside this service from this terminal

Available electronic resources

We offer walk-in access to many different resources for members of the public and visiting staff and students. This includes resources covering multiple subject areas (eg JSTOR, Proquest and Ebscohost databases, SCOPUS, ScienceDirect) and resources covering more specific subjects (eg The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Journals, Books and Databases, UK Parliamentary Papers).

Here you can access a full list of resources that are currently available via the walk-in access service.