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Information literacy

Digital and information literacies underpin our learning, teaching, and research.

We enable our staff, students and researchers to harness new technologies and effectively find, evaluate and use information.

Digital and information literacies support our students’ transition through higher education and into the workplace, enabling them to find, organise, analyse, evaluate, communicate, present and share information effectively.

We offer a wide range of online resources developing digital and information literacy knowledge and skills to students, staff and, where possible the wider academic community, via a Creative Commons licence. These resources are available through the Information Literacy Resource Bank.

We aim to integrate digital and information literacies within the academic curriculum through providing support to academic staff in developing their curricula to include digital and information literacy and delivering teaching in this area as part of the module teaching team.

We also offer workshops via the Doctoral Academy Programme.

The Information Literacy Resource Bank also features the Evaluating the Evidence suite of tutorials. Developed in consultation with teachers in local schools the tutorials are designed to support the Global Citizenship Challenge of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

For more information about digital and information literacies or the Information Literacy Resource Bank, please contact Rebecca Mogg:

Rebecca Mogg

Education lead