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We are a centre for research in the areas of human geography, planning, urban design and spatial analysis.

We have a diverse portfolio of research projects covering economic, social, political and cultural change and the built and natural environments.

Professor R Sonnino, Professor P MilbourneCommission of the European CommunitiesIntegrated urban FOOD policies – developing sustainability Co-benefits, spatial Linkages, social Inclusion and sectoral Connections to transform food systems in city-regions - FOODCLIC01/06/2022 to 30/11/2026£695,976
Dr E ShepherdEconomic and Social Research CouncilIdeology, housing and land value capture: Uncovering the politics of development land value11/04/2022 to 10/04/2025£244,089
Dr C Bear, Professor R SonninoCommission of the European CommunitiesTransparency solutions for transforming the food system01/02/2022 to 31/01/2026 £430,181
Dr I Sebastian, Dr A FlynnCommission of the European CommunitiesPathways towards a 'restorative' Anthropocene: a comparative study of three marginalised land practices, their narratives and regenerative potential across local-global dimensions15/09/2021 to 01/02/2025£197,921
Dr Isabel SebastianEU Horizon 2020Marginalised and contested regenerative land practices in Wales, Australia and Bhutan04/10/2021 to
Professor S OrfordNERCDigital Solutions programme via Manchester01/02/2021 to 31/01/2025£100,000
Professor P MilbourneCommission of the European CommunitiesBuilding pathways towards FOOD 2030-led urban food policies16/10/2020 to 15/10/2024£582,500
Dr F SartorioArts and Humanities Research CouncilSpaces of HOPE. The hidden history of community Led planning in the UK16/10/2020 to 15/10/2024£23,727
Professor Roberta Sonnino, Professor Paul Milbourne and Dr Dalia Mattioni EU CommissionFOODTRAILS16/10/2020 to
Dr P Mackie, Miss R Cannings-John, Miss Y Moriarty, Mr I Thomas, Dr J WhiteNational Institute for Health ResearchPHaCT - Preventing Homelessness, improving health for prison leavers: a pilot randomised controlled trial of a Critical Time intervention01/03/2022 to 29/02/2024£516,793
Dr Christopher BearBritish Academy and Leverhulme TrustYoung people, alternative proteins and pedagogies for sustainable futures18/10/2021 to 18/10/2023£8,494
Dr K O'NeillBritish AcademyVeganpreneurship: food system transformation or new economic opportunity? Motivations and drivers for vegan entrepreneurship01/10/2021 to 30/09/2023£7,906
Dr S Shahab, Dr B WebbEconomic and Social Research CouncilCreating prosperous city centres post pandemic through repurposing retail space01/02/2022 to 31/07/2023£50,229
Dr E PittWelsh GovernmentResilient green spaces01/10/2021 to 30/06/2023£28,395
Dr G EnticottCommission of the European CommunitiesRethinking of antimicrobial decision-systems in the management of animal production01/06/2019 to 31/05/2023£180,818
Dr A Healy, Professor G BristowCommission of the European CommunitiesENergy TRANsitions from Coal and carbon: Effects on Societies01/05/2020 to 30/04/2023£147,046
Dr A Collins, Professor M MundayEconomic and Social Research CouncilTransforming event impact evaluations and staging more sustainable events: a focus on plastic consumption01/01/2022 to 31/03/2023£14,776
Dr M WargentThe British AcademyNetwork on devolution, local autonomy, and the multi-level governance of place in Britain and Canada01/04/2022 to 31/03/2023£5,000
Dr Richard GaleThe British Academy'Every living thing': The nexus of cultural and economic values within resilient urban water systems (A case study of Hargeisa, Somaliland)01/03/2021 to 28/02/2023£48,869
Dr M Khan, Dr T SmithEconomic and Social Research CouncilA Blended Learning Framework for Bangladesh: Policy and practice placement on spatialities of the future of education01/01/2022 to 28/02/2023£14,966
Professor P Mackie Centre for Homelessness ImpactAdditional financial assistance for people with experience of homelessness trial01/09/2021 to 31/12/2022£9,975
Dr A Collins, Dr N Koenig-Lewis, Dr D DinevaHEFCWThe impact of sport events as agents for sustainable behaviour change – a focus on The Open Championship01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022£28,925
Dr A Collins, Professor M Munday, Mr N RocheRoyal Welsh Agricultural Society Ltd (RWAS Ltd)Environmental sustainability of the royal Welsh agricultural society01/04/2022 to 30/09/2022£11,957
Dr Peter MackieEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account and Oak FoundationUpstream Cymru01/02/2021 to 30/04/2022N/A
Dr Matluba KhanHEFCW-GCRFCrisis-led approaches to teaching and learning in Bangladesh: New frameworks for outdoor, blended learning in low-income country contexts01/02/2021 to 31/01/2022£43,725
Dr Matluba KhanCardiff University and Cardiff CouncilCo-creating a child and youth-friendly covid recovery plan for marginalised communities in Cardiff01/11/2021 to 30/09/2022£14,500
Rebecca Windemer Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)End-of-life challenges for the wind and solar energy sectors01/10/2020 to 30/09/2021£97,579
Torik HolmesEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)The constitution of 'urban' electricity demand01/10/2020 to 30/09/2021£120,584
Sina ShahabThe Royal Irish Academy, The British AcademyPlanning and Design Interventions for Improving the Well-Being of Vulnerable Groups31/01/2020 to 31/01/2021N/A
Adrian HealyUKRI Future Leaders FellowshipWater stressed cities: Individual choice, access to water and pathways to resilience in sub-Saharan Africa01/01/2020 to 31/12/2023£1,085,387
Dr Patricia Lopes Simoes Aelbrecht, Dr Hesam Kamalipour, Dr Nastaran Peimani, Dr Wesley AelbrechtESRC Impact Acceleration Account 2021My/Your Cardiff Public Space Campaign2020
Dr Hesam Kamalipour, Dr Nastaran Peimani, Dr Debdulal SahaHEFCW GCRF 2020Negotiating Livelihoods and Rights in Contested Urban Space2020
Dr Dimitris Potoglou and Dr Georgina SantosEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)Decarbonising transport through electrification, a whole system approach (DTE)01/09/2019 to 31/08/2022£50,777
Dr P Mackie, Dr S OrfordEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)UK collaborative centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE)01/08/2017 to 30/05/2022£401,137
Professor K MorganVolkswagen StifungAgents of change and path creation in old-industrial regions01/01/2019 to 31/12/2021£183,343
Dr Julian BrigstockeArts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)Transforming atmospheric authority: Experimental embodiments in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro01/11/2019 to 31/10/2021£167,729
Dr Angelina Sanderson-BellamyBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)Transforming food system relationships01/01/2019 to 31/01/2021


Dr Carla de LaurentisEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)Supporting renewable energy deployment: Exploring routes from research into practice01/10/2019 to 31/12/2020£105,565
Professor M MieleLeverhulme TrustShaping Inter-Species Connectedness01/01/2018 to 31/12/2020£216,000
Professor R HugginsEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)Productivity Insights Network01/01/2018 to 01/12/2020£1,479,790
Dr Jennifer OwenEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)Getting your stuff together: The role of storage and decluttering services in the management of domestic materiality over the life course01/10/2019 to 30/09/2020£88,514
Dr S Martinat, Professor R CowellSêr Cymru II - COFUNDAnaerobic digestion plants in rural Wales: social-spatial diffusion of technology, social acceptance and energy transition01/02/2018 to 31/08/2020£161,821.30
Dr Agatha Herman, Dr Tom SmithRSG-IBG Environment and Sustainability GrantPathways to just and sustainable development practices through Tanzanite mining and production01/09/2019 to 31/08/2020£15,000
Crispin CooperAlain Chiaradia3d urban network analysis01/07/2020 to 31/07/2020£6,204
Dr G EnticottWestpoint Group Trading LtdBovine Tuberculosis Advisory Service01/08/2017 to 31/07/2020£11,000
Dr Oleg GolebchikovEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)Strengthening policy capacities for sustainable housing and urban development in countries with economies in transition01/04/2020 to 30/06/2020


Dr A InceStockholm UniversityUrban Riots: A comparative study of Stockholm and London23/02/2016 to 31/03/2020£82,391
Dr A IorisBritish Academy Newton FundA long-pending Indian question: Consequences of agribusiness expansion and ambiguous national borders for the Guarani- Kaiowás in Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)20/03/2018 to 28/02/2020£72,975
Dr Gareth EnticottDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)Decision-making research into farmers’ cattle purchasing behaviour, investigating the current role of TB risk assessment in purchase decisions and appraising future ways to increase the importance of such risk assessments22/10/2019 to 27/02/2020£66,000
Dr Patricia Lopes Simoes Aelbrecht, Dr Richard Gale, Professor Gary Bridge, Dr Quentin Stevens, Dr Tuna Tasan-Kok, Professor Tom NielsenCities Research Centre 2017, 2018.
CUROP 2017, 2018, 2019. RMIT Exchange Grant 2018.
European Public Space Design Programs with Social Cohesion and Intercultural Dialogue in Mind2018
Dr Pete MackieWelsh GovernmentReview of priority need in Wales01/03/2019 to 30/11/2019£45,337
Professor T Marsden, Dr H PittCanal and River TrustDevelopment of research framework programme01/05/2014 to 31/10/2019£120,000
Dr A IorisArts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)Agro-cultural frontiers and the Amazon: contested histories, new alterities and emerging cultures01/11/2017 to 31/10/2019£48,576
Professor T MarsdenEU-CommissionSUSPLACE01/10/2015 to 30/09/2019£449,165
Dr C FullerThe Leverhulme TrustBrexit, foreign corporate subsidiaries and regional development01/09/2018 to 01/09/2019£54,908
Dr G EnticottDepartment for Environmental Food and Rural AffairsAn analysis of bTB data and information requirements01/07/2018 to 31/03/2019£15,552
Professor P Milbourne, Dr J Anderson and Dr S OrfordEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)WISERD/Civil Society: Devolution, social and economic change and the local and regional landscapes of civil society01/04/2014 to 31/03/2019£350,517
Dr G EnticottEU-CommissionStrengthening animal production and health through the immune response01/03/2015 to 28/02/2019£265,435
Professor K Morgan, Professor I Jones, Dr E Elliott, Professor C Jones, Dr R AshelfordEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)Social innovation in the foundational economy: promoting inclusive growth in the Cardiff capital region20/11/2018 to 30/11/2018£23,250
Professor J Anderson, Dr S OrfordArts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Literature WalesA new literary geography: Establishing a digital atlas of Wales and its borderlands03/05/2016 to 02/08/2018£477,232
Professor S Baker, Dr A Sanderson Bellamy and Dr L Cullen-UnsworthBritish AcademyThe role and interplay between private and public governance within the land-coastal zone-sea interface and the impact on food security01/12/2016 to 31/03/2018£311.37
Dr L Yu, Dr A FlynnEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)Smart eco-cities for a green economy: a comparative study of Europe and China01/04/2015 to 31/03/2018£48,333
Dr A Sanderson Bellamy, Professor S Baker, Dr A HermanBritish AcademyCERTAIN: Certification evaluation toolkit and methods for inspiring consumer trust in food producers01/04/2017 to 31/03/2018£9,540
Dr A Flynn, Dr A Frank, Professor C Tweed, Dr W JabiInstitute of International EducationNovel approaches of employing green infrastructure (GI) to enhance urban sustainability07/04/2015 to 15/02/2018£18,303
Professor R Sonnino, Professor T Marsden and Dr A Moragues FausEuropean UnionTransmango: Assessment of the impact of drivers of change on Europe's food and nutrition security01/02/2014 to 31/01/2018N/A
Dr G DeVerteuilCardiff UniversityProsperous cities at the top of the urban hierarchy13/01/2018 to 21/01/2018£2,000
Dr L Yu, Dr A FlynnNAThe research for Liveable Quality and its Promotion Path for Xiamen28/04/2017 to 20/01/2018N/A
Professor R Huggins, Professor K MorganThe Hodge FoundationEconomic renewal for Wales01/01/2016 to 31/12/2017£9,950
Professor R SonninoFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,Framework of Action for the Urban Food Agenda27/06/2017 to 30/11/2017£21,727
Dr A FlynnEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC), PanalpinaStandards and the circular economy01/06/2017 to 31/10/2017£3,000
Professor R SonninoScottish GovernmentImplementing healthy and sustainable catering in Scotland's public sector12/09/2016 to 30/09/2017£22,510
Dr A HermanThe Leverhulme TrustThe power of Fairtrade: Resilience, ethical development and wine networks01/11/2016 to 31/08/2017N/A
Professor R SonninoCommission of the European CommunitiesStudy on food in cities – innovation for a sustainable and healthy production, delivery and consumption of food in cities01/01/2017 to 31/08/2017£7,804
Professor G BristowNatural Environment Research CouncilResilience in groundwater supply systems: Integrating resource-based approaches with agency, behaviour and choice in West Africa (RIGSS)01/11/2016 to 31/07/2017£88,011
Dr O GolubchikovSchool of Geography and PlanningThe Nexus of Smart Cities and Energy: A Scoping Survey of Urban Strategies01/06/2017 to 01/07/2017£2,000
Dr P Aelbrecht, Dr R Gale, Professor G BridgeCardiff UniversityComparative Study on European Public Space Design Programs with Social Cohesion in mind01/06/2017 to 01/07/2017£2,500
Professor K MorganEU CommissionSmart Specialisation for regional development01/07/2013 to 30/06/2016£557,387
Dr L YuBritish CouncilThe research for symbiosis between traditional buildings and environment in rural township in the process of urbanisation01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017£1,500
Professor G Bristow, Dr A HealyEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)Community resilience and Brexit25/02/2017 to 31/03/2017£3,683
Professor G Bristow, Dr A HealyEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)Guiding local and regional economic resilience01/03/2016 to 28/02/2017£20,526