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Implementing healthy and sustainable catering in Scotland's public sector

This project aims to enhance the daily provision of healthy food to nearly 3 million school children and tens of thousands of patients across 278 NHS hospitals in Scotland.

Funded by Scottish Government, the research represents a key element for the implementation of the Good Food Nation policy.

Research methods employed to achieve this ambitious goal include: a systematic literature review to develop a robust synthesis of the case for healthy and sustainable menus; semi-structured interviews with policy makers, food procurement officials and heads of catering to identify exemplar menus and operational support needs for their effective implementation; and cost analysis of at least 25 menu cycles to address the barrier of perceived costs of providing healthy and sustainable menus.


Outputs from this project include:

  • a final report including case studies and other supporting data
  • a toolkit to assist procurement officers and caterers to shift current practice across the public sector in Scotland.

The project team

Dr Roberta Sonnino

Professor Roberta Sonnino

Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, Director of Impact and Engagement


This research was made possible through the support of the following organisations: