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Canal and River Trust

In partnership with the Canal and River Trust, a non-governmental organisation, the Sustainable Places Research Institute is investigating the public benefits of inland waterways in England and Wales.

The Trust is responsible for managing UK’s largest network of 2000 miles of inland waterways, plus buildings and other historic features. Their spaces represent significant amount of public space for active travel, recreation, transport, and physical activity.

Research Fellow Dr Hannah Pitt led the initial phase of the research. Her research examined what socio-demographic factors might affect engagement with waterways, and seeking to identify how greater involvement can be facilitated. The research helped to understand the social, economic and environmental benefits arising from waterways, and how else they might contribute positively to sustainable places and communities.

Research Associate Dr Najia Zaidi is currently leading the study. Her research examines the complexity of social and structural barriers to accessing urban waterways for ethnic minority and other deprived communities and groups. The research highlights the recognition of social, cultural and economic subtleties exist within a group is vital while addressing the diversity and barriers to participation in public spaces including waterways.

Project Leader

Dr Hannah Pitt

Dr Hannah Pitt

Lecturer in Environmental Geography

(0) 29 2087 9632