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Smart eco-cities for a green economy: a comparative study of Europe and China

This 3-year programme of research provides the first systematic comparative analysis of green economy-focused smart city and eco-city initiatives in China and Europe.

This will inform the identification of opportunities and pathways for shaping national and collaborative international urban and economic policy responses, engaging the state, the business sector and communities in delivering ‘smart eco-city’ initiatives that can promote the growth of the green economy.

The Smart Eco-cities project has a particular focus on what we are calling the ‘smart-eco city’, defined as an experimental city which functions as a potential niche where both environmental and economic reforms can be tested and introduced in areas which are both spatially proximate (the surrounding region) and in an international context (through networks of knowledge, technology and policy transfer and learning.

The project team

Dr Li Yu

Dr Li Yu


Andrew Flynn

Professor Andrew Flynn

Professor in Environmental Policy and Planning


This research was made possible through the support of the following organisations: