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Framework of Action for the Urban Food Agenda

Roberta Sonnino was awarded an expert contract by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations to write a Framework of Action for the Urban Food Agenda - a high-level policy document that will guide FAO’s work on urban food security for the next decade.

Building on years of research in the field, Professor Sonnino has structured the document around five cross-cutting principles:

  • enhancing social and spatial inclusion
  • creating urban-rural synergies
  • developing the diversity of urban food supply systems
  • achieving food governance and policy coordination
  • developing and disseminating knowledge and best practice action tools for public policy and investment in urban food security.

Key capacity-development areas identified include:

  • sustainable public procurement strategies
  • food system planning and infrastructural development
  • short food supply chains


This research was made possible through the support of the following organisations: