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Community resilience and Brexit

Building communities' resilience to economic shocks and setbacks is a key objective for policymakers in Wales.

However, many studies of economic resilience focus on tangible assets (such as income) as a guide to assessing capacity to withstand financial challenges and pay little attention to households’ own perceptions of their capacity to manage change.

During 2017, a survey of 1,000 residents of the Cardiff Capital Region was undertaken to discover how respondents perceived their own economic circumstances, their local area and how they felt they might respond to a future economic setback.

The survey highlighted a pervasive sense of worry and uncertainty across the region, heightened by the Brexit vote.

The results provide valuable context and information for future policy debate and strategy development as well as strengthening our understanding of important resilience concepts.

The project team


Professor Gillian Bristow

Head of the School of Geography and Planning

Dr Adrian Healy

Principal Research Fellow


This research was made possible through the support of the following organisations: