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Co-creating a child and youth friendly COVID-19 recovery plan for marginalised communities in Cardiff


A civic mission project in collaboration with Cardiff University’s Community Gateway, Grange Pavilion Youth Forum and the Child Friendly City Team of Cardiff Council.

Working with children and young people from communities in Cardiff to co-produce a greener and fairer, child-friendly recovery plan for Grangetown, through a series of workshops and engagement activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic responses, including social distancing, school closures and prohibition on outdoor activities, have accentuated social and spatial inequalities, particularly for children and young people (CYP).

The experiences of children and young people living in overcrowded households, in high-rise flats, and those with no access to gardens and limited or no access to the internet is evidently not the same as children in a spacious household with access to ICT, a private garden and a high-quality park.

Evidence suggests that there will be long term detrimental effects of the pandemic on CYP’s health and wellbeing.


Communities will need a recovery plan for coming together and for re-generating outdoor sociability and greenspace access for CYP. Building on the success of Cardiff University’s Community Gateway Project, this project will work with Grangetown community in Cardiff and proposes a series of civic mission activities with children (ages 8-11) and young people (ages 12-17) for co-creation of a child- and youth-friendly recovery plan.

The activities will include:

  1. co-assessment of the neighbourhoods with children and young people, with an aim to understand how COVID-19 restrictions have impacted children’s everyday experiences
  2. co-creation of a recovery plan
  3. co-building of one element, designed and chosen by children
  4. co-production of a toolkit.

The activities will be carried out through a series of workshops with children and young people that will apply a range of creative methods such as child led photo-walks, technology assisted inventory of the neighbourhood etc.

Aim and objectives

The project aims to improve the wellbeing of children and young people and empower them through co-creation of a recovery plan for their communities. The project takes a child and youth centred approach, as often their voices remain unheard in the process of design and urban planning.

The recovery plan for child-friendly Grangetown will include recommendations that can be applied in other communities in Cardiff, and throughout the UK.

Project partners

Child Friendly Cardiff team

  • Lee Patterson, Child Friendly City Programme Coordinator
  • Carey Davies, Child Friendly Strategic Participation and Training Manager


  • £7500 Innovation for All - Cardiff University
  • £7000 Cardiff Council matched funding

The project team

Principal investigator


Dr Matluba Khan

Lecturer in Urban Design



This research was made possible through the support of the following organisations: