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The impact of sport events as agents for sustainable behaviour change – a focus on The Open Championship

Event organisers, promoters, policy makers and academics are increasingly interested in the impact of major sport events as ‘agents of change’ by encouraging more sustainable consumption behaviour by fans during and following events (i.e., at home, in their communities, and at other events).


This project will assess the impact of sport events as agents for sustainable behaviour change by using responsible innovative digital and visual communications to encourage fans to make sustainable travel choices during and following The Open Championship.

The project will involve developing:

  1. A baseline understanding of fan travel, travel preferences and factors influencing travel choices to the tournament.
  2. Digital and visual communications designed to engage and encourage fans to change their travel behaviour and reduce the tournament’s environmental impact.
  3. A methodology assessing fan engagement and the extent to which fans were encouraged to change their travel behaviour.

This project is supported by:

  • NTT Data (UK)
  • The R&A

The project team

Principal investigators

Dr Andrea Collins

Dr Andrea Collins

Senior Lecturer

Nicole Koenig-Lewis

Professor Nicole Koenig-Lewis

Professor of Marketing



This research was made possible through the support of the following organisations: