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'Every living thing': The nexus of cultural and economic values within resilient urban water systems (A case study of Hargeisa, Somaliland)

As urban populations in sub-Saharan Africa expand, creating resilient urban water systems to sustain human health and sanitation is a primary development challenge.

This challenge is acute in Somaliland, where rapid urbanization and economic growth create immediate and long-term water stress.

Through a case study of Hargeisa, this project fuses insights from socio-hydrology, water economics and social geography to explore how economic and cultural values interact with informal water practices to shape urban water access.

Through partnership with Somaliland organisations, the project aims to strengthen the resilience of urban water supplies and secure affordable access to safe water for all.

Other organisations

Organisations involved include:

The project team

Principal investigator

Richard Gale

Dr Richard Gale

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography