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GW4 Water Security Alliance

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The GW4 Water Security Alliance pursues a common vision of addressing the impact of global change on water to benefit people and ecosystems.

The alliance brings together academics from the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter as well as stakeholders from the private, public and third sectors. It is the largest UK water research consortium – and one of the largest worldwide.


Water security means making sure that there is enough water of the right quality in the right place at the right time for people, farming, businesses and environment. Due to an expanding population – and increasing social, economic and cultural activities that place pressure on our water resources – water security has been identified by the World Economic Forum as the biggest long-term danger facing the world over the next decade.

The Water Security Alliance is a platform for fostering research excellence, sharing infrastructure and building long-term research and innovation partnerships. The world-class, multi-disciplinary expertise of our researchers, the complementary state-of the art infrastructure in water science and our combined stakeholder partnership portfolio, put the Alliance in a unique position for tackling the global water security challenge.

Cardiff University team

Dr Isabelle Durance

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Ian Hall

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The Water Security Alliance engages with a vast range of external partners - spanning a wide range of sectors - including water utilities, charities, NGOs, government and business. For more information, please visit the GW4 Water Security Alliance website.