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The EXoplanetClimate Infrared Telescope (EXCITE)

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The EXCITE balloon gondola
The EXCITE balloon gondola, Credit: EXCITE Project

The EXoplanetClimate Infrared Telescope (EXCITE) will be a telescope carried on a balloon, and will operate at an altitude of around 40 km above most of the Earth’s atmosphere.

It is dedicated to measuring the phase curves of exoplanets (their variation in brightness as they orbit their stars) by using infrared spectroscopy, in order to characterise their atmospheres.

EXCITE is led by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The Astronomy Instrumentation Group is participating by providing the internal calibration source and the mission simulator. EXCITE is expected to have its first science flight from Antarctica in 2024.

Dr Subhajit Sarkar

Dr Subhajit Sarkar

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