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Promoting circular economy activities with communities across Cardiff, Wales, and beyond

Engaging the community and businesses in circular economic initiatives.

Cardiff University Business School recently secured three significant Welsh Government grants, totalling over £700k, related to the Circular Economy: two capital grants to establish the new RemakerSpace in sbarc|spark, and a complementary grant exploring the value of Repurposing. Both projects involve collaborative work with our longstanding partner, DSV, while the Repurposing project is also supported by four additional industrial partners.

Through the Business School’s work to date, the team have identified opportunities to improve the impact of our work through public engagement activities that raise awareness and engage the community and businesses in important circular economic initiatives.

This Innovation for All funding will enable the co-creation and development of supporting activities and online materials to further the reach of existing and future circular economy projects and initiatives for industry, SMEs, schools and FEIs, local authorities, community groups, charities and social enterprises.

Project lead

Dr Thanos Goltsos

Dr Thanos Goltsos

Lecturer in Management Science, The PARC Assistant Professor of Manufacturing and Logistics

+44 (0)29 2087 9325

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