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Craftwork: New impacts from ancient items

Using archaeological artefacts to enhance community development, and support sustainable regeneration.

Craftwork uses the crafts and creativity found in archaeological objects to stimulate sustainable economic growth and social regeneration on Scottish islands.  This project delivers impactful workshops with local communities to explore, recreate and respond to heritage items creating skills and employment.

This project focuses on the Outer Hebrides whose communities face numerous issues such as population decline, lack of employment opportunities and challenges associated with widely dispersed rural communities. The project responds to local and national calls to tackle these issues using local resources and heritage to support regeneration.

Working with local arts, crafts, school, museum, training and community groups, Craftwork explores how bone and antler artefacts are made, used and understood and provide skills training for heritage artefact production and promotion. By creating a series of resources that provide long-term access to training and information, the project supports art, craft, education, tourist and businesses.

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