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In Process: Women Filmmakers, Unfinished Films

Putting a spotlight on unfinished films and independent women filmmakers.

Films that remain unfinished are usually seen as minor or marginal works, inappropriate for exhibition or dissemination. But they are often a sign of things gone wrong: funding that dries up, collaborators who can’t get along, censors who hamper progress or luck that finally runs out.  By contrast, In Process reimagines the unfinished film as not—or not only—an object of frustrated hopes or unfulfilled possibilities.

Presented in partnership with Chapter Arts Centre and National Museum Cardiff, this curated film and workshop series features independent women filmmakers from Afghanistan, India, Australia, and the United States, and seeks to inspire academics, arts practitioners, and interested members of the public to learn about unfinished films and independent women filmmakers.

The In Process project demonstrates how unfinished projects can reveal the practical conditions of film production, as well as enabling the recovery of projects and filmmakers marginalised by global film industries. In Process encourages audiences to recognise the possibilities of unfinishedness as an aesthetic strategy, allowing feminist filmmakers to unfix our view of film history and to challenge our assumptions about how art—or the world—works. And it helps us to see the role of film spectators to realise the potential and the promise of the unfinished.

Project lead

Dr Alix Beeston

Dr Alix Beeston

Senior Lecturer

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