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2022 projects

Find out more about some of the public engagement and community-focused projects awarded funding by our Innovation for All scheme in 2022.

Community Jobs Compact

Creating job opportunities and equitable recruitment practices for disadvantaged communities in Cardiff.

Values and virtues for a challenging world

A day of public philosophy to develop policy responses to societal challenges.

Ethical research in conflict and humanitarian crisis

Setting out a manifesto for ethical research in South Sudan.

Empowering women through entrepreneurship in Ghana, Wales and Saudi Arabia

Providing training and skill development to potential women entrepreneurs as a vital solution and component to economic recovery.

Promoting circular economy activities with communities across Cardiff, Wales, and beyond

Engaging the community and businesses in circular economic initiatives.

In Process: Women Filmmakers, Unfinished Films

Putting a spotlight on unfinished films and independent women filmmakers.

ENGINmakers: Building a brighter future together

Working with schools to design, build and engineer solutions to a problem using accessible materials.

Woven histories of Welsh wool and slavery

Exploring local stories of wool production and the entangled legacies of slavery, empire and Welsh wool.

Roman Diff’Fusion

Using Cardiff’s ancient past to provide learning opportunities for young people.

Cultivating community conversations

Creating community-based dialogue, civil engagement, empowerment and advocacy in Butetown.

Social prescribing for people with ongoing health problems in Cwm Taf Morgannwg

Increasing understanding and accessibility of social prescribing.

Understanding postpartum psychosis

Raising awareness of a new diagnosis and what it means for clinical practice

Promoting diversity and understanding of immigration through opera

Working towards positive attitudes to diversity through music

Craftwork: New impacts from ancient items

Using archaeological artefacts to enhance community development, and support sustainable regeneration.

Snakes and Ladders

A training tool for use with children and young people supported by local authority services.

Reading Identities

Exploring how interpreting identities in Welsh literature contributes to understanding of inclusivity, equality and diversity.

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