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Supporting medical students and clinicians with burnout

A project to enhance awareness, prevention and support for burnout in medical students and doctors.

Since 2018 the General Medical Council has collected data on the prevalence of burnout among doctors-in-training and clinicians who are trainers. One fifth of foundation doctors and trainers reported feeling burnt out to a high or very high degree because of their work. Over half of respondents always or often feel worn out at the end of the working day. Evidence suggests that burnout impacts patient care, increases mistakes and patient safety issues and hinders individuals' performance.

In 2018, our School of Medicine began a programme of research exploring perceptions of burnout among these groups. Findings led to development of a workshop to enhance awareness and management of trainee burnout for those involved in training and supervision of doctors-in-training. Through delivering workshops nationwide, the need to develop a multi-modal educational resource to manage burnout effectively became apparent. Findings have since informed development of podcasts describing the mechanisms and drivers of burnout as well as management techniques.

This project will develop a platform to host resources developed from this research. The platform will provide a hub to host multi-modal resources such as podcasts and animations alongside digital download content.

Project lead

Dr Kirstin Strokorb

Dr Kirstin Strokorb

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)29 2068 8833

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