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Reading Identities

Exploring how interpreting identities in Welsh literature contributes to understanding of inclusivity, equality and diversity.

Exploring identities is more important than ever in the contemporary educational context and is embedded strongly through the new Curriculum for Wales.

The Reading Identities project aims to hold workshops with education practitioners to explore the key role that creative literature can play in developing citizens who are aware of the world around them. By drawing on cutting-edge research in the field of Welsh literary theory and criticism, particular attention is given to the analytical skills of creative texts and new ways of discussing aspects of gender, sexuality, nationality and multiculturalism.

A core part of this project is to establish partnerships with educators in the Secondary sector and education experts to ensure a strong element of exchanging knowledge. Participants will be introduced to alternative methods of interpreting Welsh literature that highlight themes of inclusivity and diversity. This will lead to the co-production of an easily accessible electronic resource that can be shared with educators across Wales.

Project lead

Dr Siwan Rosser

Dr Siwan Rosser

Senior Lecturer and Director of Learning and Teaching

Welsh speaking
+44 (0)29 2087 6287

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