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Cultivating community conversations

Creating community-based dialogue, civil engagement, empowerment and advocacy in Butetown

This project brings together Butetown communities and our Law School through a platform of curated conversations with Pluto Press authors in tandem with civic learning modules through New Economy Law.

The partnership will cultivate a space for community-based dialogue and civil engagement, as well as empowerment and advocacy within Butetown Connect, a group of young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds who are actively supporting their own community’s levelling up.

The activities will provide Butetown Connect members with the knowledge, skills and practices to critically discuss and evaluate the work of four radical Pluto Book writers through the lens of issues local to South Cardiff.

This will include the development of “Civic Learning Modules” through progressing a methodology of co-learning known as “co-liberatory municipalism”.  A key purpose of this curation process is to tackle institutionalised inequality that arises when communities are treated only as beneficiaries rather than as peer learners and equal agents.

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