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Values and virtues for a challenging world

A day of public philosophy to develop policy responses to societal challenges.

Climate change, viral pandemics, and rapidly changing technology are all significant and unpredictable societal challenges. What are the values and virtues we should foster to help us respond to these challenges? How can we reduce the political division that hinders collective responses to these challenges?

The aim of this project is to explore these ideas in relation to practical consideration of the aims of education, the role of the media in political debate, and the formulation of public policy responses to societal challenges.

An event on 21 September 2022 held collaborative discussions to develop specific policy ideas by bringing together academic philosophers, members of Cardiff’s educational, media, and political communities and members of the public  for sustained, open discussions of these problems.

Project lead

Professor Jonathan Webber

Professor Jonathan Webber

Deputy Head and Head of Subject

+44 29 2087 5660

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