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Why study with us?

Founded in 1883, Cardiff University is established as one of Britain’s leading universities. We have over 300 courses that you can tailor to your ambitions and interests.

Reasons to love Cardiff

Our students fall in love with Cardiff. So what makes the Welsh capital so appealing?

Students graduating

Career prospects

Find out why our graduates are among the most sought-after by employers.

Dio de Janeiro

Global opportunities

We have links with over 300 top-ranked institutions and can provide you with the opportunity to embark on an overseas placement in Europe and across the world.

Healthcare Sciences group

Teaching and student experience

Our students benefit from research-led learning and teaching which is stimulating, flexible and intellectually challenging.

Mature students in the library

Flexible degree structures

From tailoring your degree to suit your interests to taking a year abroad or in industry, our ultimate aim is to offer you flexibility.

Chemistry Lecture Theatre

Campus facilities

We are investing hundreds of millions of pounds to provide our students with world-class facilities as part of our largest campus upgrade in a generation.

Serious Brain Power

Leaders in research

We have world-class research staff who are making a real difference in the world.