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Teaching and learning

Woman student standing in the library reading a book

As a student here, you will benefit from a consistently high-quality learning experience, which includes the use of dedicated technology to help you fulfil your potential.

Blended learning

We offer in-person teaching and the latest digital learning methods to provide you with the best university experience.

Your learning will be a social experience, in study groups and in-person with lecturers. Since the pandemic, we have also developed online tools and activities that have blended with traditional teaching methods to create a study environment that works for everyone.

I have found the quality of teaching to have been excellent online. Many self-study tutorials have been developed by the professors and made available for students to complete at their own pace. I have found these to have been incredibly useful and very easy to access.
Uzair, 3rd year Medical student

Enhancing your experience

We are committed to blended learning and will get you set up with the equipment, applications, and access to resources that you need.

Your teaching will be delivered in a variety of ways, such as:

  • a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where all the resources for your course can be accessed, and you can submit assessments and coursework
  • lectures and seminars, which may be in-person, through videoconference or a mix of the two
  • on demand video, for some lecture recordings
  • online collaboration, using tools like Teams, Zoom, OneDrive or discussion boards
  • digital resources, such as ebooks, online journals, newspaper articles, TV programmes.

Benefits of blended learning

Our approach to blended learning encourages you to develop your own learning groups and share resources. It also allows you to make the most of in-person sessions, having prepared with digital materials in advance. Using these tools will improve your employment prospects, preparing you for a digital world.

Blended learning can be empowering. Online resources are flexible and accessible to students, so you can learn at your pace and engage with others. The online tools and resources we have put in place have been welcomed by our students and our staff can offer support for anyone that needs help.

The benefit of blended learning is that you get to be more flexible with your routine. This means that you also have more time to expand your learning. You can take an extra language class or also you can do external online courses which will boost your resume and CV. In addition to this you can also take up a part-time job that can be catered for around your learning timetable.
Ayushi, 3rd year Journalism student

Study skills support

We have a team in place to design your digital learning experiences, ensuring that it is interactive, inclusive and engaging.

We've also created guides to help you get fully prepared for your teaching and to address any concerns you may have about what your lessons will look like.

And to ensure a positive digital learning experience for everyone, we are working in partnership with students to continually evaluate and improve our digital tools, resources and teaching approaches.