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Teaching and learning

Woman student standing in the library reading a book

Our students benefit from a consistently high-quality learning experience, including the use of dedicated technology to help them fulfil their potential.

Approach to learning

The approach to learning will depend on your course. The frequency of in-person teaching will depend on:

  • your programme of study
  • Welsh government rules on social distancing
  • where relevant, the requirements of professional, statutory or regulatory governing bodies.

Teaching in smaller groups

At the moment, large lectures will not take place on campus. Where social distancing requirements can be met, on-campus learning will consist of in-person teaching in smaller groups. It will include tutorials or clinical, studio and laboratory sessions, where relevant.

These smaller sessions will benefit from additional safety measures, alongside high-quality online teaching, learning activities and resources.

In addition, all students benefit from a range of online technologies and approaches that provide content, facilitate collaboration and support independent learning.

The University has developed this approach with students in mind and has improved the delivery through the last year. They now know what works and what doesn’t so can give you the best experience. I think it is daunting as you are used to school which is more supported anyway. University will always be more independent and while blended learning will enhance this change, it will also make you develop faster and give you additional skills you would not have had. You will adapt, I promise!
Holly, Biomedical Science student

Study skills support

We have a team in place to design students’ digital learning experiences, ensuring that it is interactive, inclusive and engaging.

We've also created guides to help you get fully prepared for your teaching and to address any concerns you may have about what your lessons will look like.

To ensure a positive digital learning experience for everyone, we work in partnership with students to continually evaluate and improve our digital tools, resources and teaching approaches.