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Why study with us

Curious about the human experience across millennia and cultures, we are seeking to better understand our past to illuminate our present and improve our future. We are an inquisitive academic community, passionate about the study of the past and beliefs from prehistoric times to contemporary societies.


After graduation

90% of graduates were in employment and/or further study, due to start a new job or course, or doing other activities such as travelling, 15 months after the end of their course. (Graduate Outcomes survey 2020/21).


Our research

Placed 9th in the UK for research in Archaeology and 5th for research impact (REF 2021).


The test of time

Fresh from celebrating a 100 years of pioneering archaeology and conservation, today our experts continue to share trail-blazing discoveries and latest techniques and thinking.


Entry year

Archaeology (BA)

Full time, 3 years

Immerse yourself in the study of the remains of past societies, from the tiny objects worn on the body to monumental complexes such as Stonehenge with our BA in Archaeology.

Archaeology (BSc)

Full time, 3 years

Placing the study of the human past at the centre of archaeological science enquiry, our degree will provide you with a solid grounding in the theory and application of scientific principles, data and techniques within archaeology, from the scale of

Archaeology and Ancient History (BA)

Full time, 3 years

Explore ancient Mediterranean, European and Near Eastern societies from different perspectives, and understand how past and present are intertwined.

Archaeology and History (BA)

Full time, 3 years

Immerse yourself in the study of the remains of past societies, from the tiny objects worn on the body and monumental complexes to twentieth-century propaganda.

Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology (BSc)

Full time, 3 years

Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology offers students interested in arts, applied science and practical work an opportunity to combine all of these interests within an exciting and challenging degree programme.

Our talks and videos

Studying Archaeology at Cardiff University

Our academics share insight into this fascinating subject, the welcoming community you’ll join, and the kinds of exciting opportunities and wider support you can expect.

Archaeology and conservation at Cardiff University

Hear from academics and students about what it is like to study archaeology and conservation with us.

School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University

Find out more about studying at the School of History, Archaeology and Religion.

Archaeology taster lecture

Dr Anna Davies-Barrett, Lecturer in Archaeology, discusses her research in this short talk entitled: 'The path to COVID - how respiratory disease has plagued past people too'.

What our students say

Hear from Thea who studies archaeology with us.

The placements are invaluable - I was lucky to go into the field and a major commercial unit, giving me broad skills for future employment, numerous industry connections, and fantastic friendships.
Katie Faillace BSc Archaeology

Hands-on experience

Archaeology dig

Real-world heritage placement, fieldwork or excavation experience

Our degrees offer significant practical experience, using our network for placements in the UK and abroad. This hands-on training gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd after graduation.

Student working on artefact

Study in our purpose-built laboratories

We focus on the development of your practical skills, learning first-hand in our suite of upgraded archaeology and conservation labs. We also use our facilities extensively when working with external partners in the conservation and heritage sectors.

Facilities and location

Explore Cardiff University

Student getting advice

Student support

Get free, impartial and confidential advice on disability and dyslexia, money, careers, counselling and more.

Female customer service assistant smiling at a customer. She is standing behind a desk. Two people are just in shot.

Guaranteed accommodation

If you arrive in September, you're guaranteed a single occupancy room, and you'll be allocated with other first-year students.

Swimmer at Varsity in pool competing

Student life

Learn more about our sport and recreation, free language programmes, living costs, learning support and the Students' Union.

A student shopping in a mini mart

Living costs

See how far your money goes by using our living costs calculator.

Next steps


Contact us

Ask a question via our enquiry form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


How to apply

Everything you need to know about our application process.

Other subjects you might be interested in

Students sitting in a classroom

History and ancient history

Investigate past worlds and expand your understanding of historical change in our highly regarded programmes, taught by experts sharing their passion and new insights from their latest research.

Row of statues

Religious studies and theology

Explore the histories, cultures and beliefs of major and less well-known religious traditions, taking your pick of approaches with our richly rewarding degrees.

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