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Why study with us

'Growth for me to become a future scientist'

Trisha went out to Borneo to join the researchers at the Danau Girang Field Centre as part of our field courses, designed to give students hands-on research experience.



Our innovative, research-driven degree programmes are highly flexible, enabling you to tailor your course to suit your interests.


World-leading research

Our School plays a lead role in several University Research Institutes and runs a conservation focused field centre in Borneo, Malaysia.


Career prospects

93% of our graduates reported that they were in employment and/or further study within six months of graduation (2016/17).

Why study Zoology?

Zoology is the study of all kinds of animals, from their genetics, anatomy and physiology, to their behaviour and how they adapt to survive in different environments.


We don’t have any courses for this subject area at the moment. Please use our course search to look for other areas you might be interested in.

My professional training year taught me to use camera trapping as a method of data collection. I learnt the difficulties of conducting scientific research in a tropical environment and increased my awareness of what is involved with research.
Katie Journeaux School of Biosciences student