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Why study with us


Student satisfaction

100% of students were satisfied overall with their course


Excellent career prospects

95% of our Medical Pharmacology students are in employment and/or further study six months after graduating


Excellent teaching

100% of students agreed that staff were good at explaining things


Entry year

Medical Pharmacology (BSc)

Full time, 3 years

Study pharmacology at the School of Medicine in Cardiff, one of the top 5 universities in the UK for research excellence.

Studying Pharmacology here at Cardiff has been the most rewarding four years of education I've ever had, and I feel incredibly lucky to have been here. The degree scheme offers a unique opportunity for students who wish to launch a career in either science or medicine, whilst maintaining an intimate cohort size so you really feel supported by members of staff.
Frank Frayne, Medical Pharmacology student

Find out more about studying medical pharmacology with us

An introduction to our Medical Pharmacology course

Dr Derek Lang, Director of Studies, gives an overview of what you can expect from our BSc course.

How will I learn?

With medicines underpinning healthcare, our BSc programme aims to encourage and develop your natural curiosity about how they work.

As a student you will embark on a high quality, in-depth exploration of modern medical pharmacology, with specialised training in internationally-recognised research laboratories. You will be taught by experts from a team of pharmacologists and clinical pharmacologists.

Throughout the course there is emphasis on providing you with transferable skills such as data analysis and organisational and problem-solving skills, making your degree highly attractive to future employers.

I liked how it incorporates clinical medicine and research, with a lot of practical and supported self-directed learning. A particularly unique part of the course is the ability to also do anatomy within the second year which was one of the reasons I chose the course as I would like to do medicine in the future.
Emily Forrest, Medical Pharmacology student

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Discover the outstanding facilities at Heath Park Campus, located at the University Hospital of Wales.

Medical Pharmacology BSc

Being a medical pharmacology student

You will embark on a high quality, in depth exploration of modern Medical Pharmacology, with specialised training in internationally recognised research laboratories.

Pharmacology has shown me the range of medical fields that you can go into - oncology is not something I would have thought I would love so much but there are so many different options and it enables you to fully think through available opportunities for research/medical practice.
Grace Barlow, Medical Pharmacology student

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Guaranteed accommodation

If you arrive in September, you're guaranteed a single occupancy room, and you'll be allocated with other first-year students.

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Student life

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Living costs

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Our degree programme and information leaflet

School of Medicine Undergraduate Degree Programme - 2024 entry

Our undergraduate programme gives full details on what we have on offer.

School of Medicine Undergraduate Degree Programme - 2025 entry

Our undergraduate programme gives full details on what we have on offer.

BSc Medical Pharmacology - information leaflet

Details of our course structure and content.

British Pharmacological Society support documents

The British Pharmacological Society have a large number of useful resources available for download from their website.

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