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Key to advancing our close-knit archaeology and conservation community are our extensive specialist facilities.

Alongside dedicated lecture theatres and bespoke teaching laboratories centrally located over two floors of our home building, our archaeology and conservation spaces are equipped for both teaching and world-class research.

Osteology laboratory

osteology lab

Biomolecular laboratory

bimolecular video

Conservation laboratories

conservation lab

Specialist equipment

Specialist equipment ranges from facilities for microscopy, climatic simulation and material analysis and includes our Scanning Electron Microscope.

Microscopy and climate simulation

microscopy video

Scanning Electron Microscope

scanning video


Our photographic and illustration studio suites offer spaces to record, document and further explore finds and artefacts, enabling us to share our latest discoveries, activities and research to full advantage.

Photographic suite

photography video

Illustration studio

Illustration video


Since celebrating our archaeology centenary in 2020, our suite of facilities has been further boosted with a dedicated investment in resources of £750,000.