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UK, outside Wales

Check the information for the country you are normally resident in for funding information.

Funding available from Student Finance England (SFE) for starting a course in September 2024

If you live in England then you can apply to Student Finance England for funding. The funding available from Student Finance England is made up of tuition fee funding and funding for living costs.

Tuition fee loan

Subject to terms and conditions, students who live in England and are studying towards their first degree will not have to pay their tuition fees upfront. Instead they could be eligible for a repayable tuition fee loan of up to £9,250 per year to meet the cost of their tuition fees. This funding would be paid directly to your University after you have enrolled.

You will only start to repay this loan when you have finished your studies and are earning more than £25,000 per year (subject to terms and conditions).

Funding for living costs

All eligible students who apply to SFE can receive a maintenance loan to help them meet their living costs. This loan is expected to contribute towards the cost of accommodation, food, travel and general living expenses. The amount available will depend on your personal circumstances and where you are living while you study.

The following table demonstrates examples of funding available depending on household income and where a student is living while they study:

Maintenance support for a full-time undergraduate living away from home in 2024/25

Household income

Loan available – 2024/25

£25,000 and under








£62,311 and over


As can be seen above, the amount of maintenance loan available will be affected by household income details.

If you will be living within the parental home while you study the maximum maintenance loan available is £8,610 but this is still affected by household income details.

Please note that where the household income is higher, there is an expectation from the Government that parents will contribute towards the student’s cost of living.

The maintenance loan is paid directly to students, normally in three instalments; one at the start of each term. The first instalment is normally released to you within 3-5 working days after you have completed enrolment. Therefore it is important to arrive at University with funding for at least two weeks available to you.

Please note that if you change any details about your course or place of study after you have applied for funding, please inform SFE as soon as you know of a change otherwise payment of your funding could be delayed.

Additional funding from Student Finance England

Depending on your personal circumstances there may be additional funding available to you. For example, if you have a disability, or if you have children or an adult dependent. Please visit Student Finance England for more information.

Additional funding from Cardiff University

In addition to the above funding you may qualify for a Cardiff University Bursary.

Cost of living in Cardiff

Cardiff is considered to be one of the most affordable UK cities to live in while you study. See our living cost calculator for the average cost of living in Cardiff as a full time, undergraduate student.

Repaying the loans

Those who take an undergraduate tuition fee loan or maintenance loan via Student Finance England in academic year 24/25 will repay their loan under Repayment Plan 5.

How to apply for funding

Students who are ordinarily resident in England will apply to Student Finance England for their funding. We anticipate the  application process for students who intend to start a course in September 2024 will open in March/April.

If you live in Scotland then you will be able to apply to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland for funding. Please check their website for information about the funding that will be available for 2024/25 and how to apply.

If you live in Northern Ireland then you will be able to apply to Student Finance Northern Ireland for funding. Please check their website for information about the funding that will be available for 2024/25 and how to apply.

Contact us

If you have any questions please get in touch with the Student Funding and Advice Team.

Student Funding and Advice Team