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Estranged students

The term 'estranged student' is used to refer to young students who are studying without the support of a family network. We have designed a support package to assist you in these circumstances.

The Stand Alone Pledge logo

Students who are estranged have no communicative relationship with either of their living biological parents and often their wider family networks as well.

We have signed up to the Stand Alone Pledge, to publicly declare our support for estranged students.

Open Days

At an Open Day, visitors will have the opportunity to talk to students and staff and visit different parts of the University. You can also find out important information about accommodation, student finance and other student support provision by talking informally to our professional staff.

When you book to attend an Open Day, you will have the opportunity to disclose that you are an estranged student. If you do this, you will be invited to attend a breakfast drop-in session to meet key members of staff who can help you plan your day and answer any questions you have.

Dedicated member of staff

We have a dedicated member of staff who can act as a mentor to support students who are estranged. This can also include being the first point of contact for a Support Worker, if you have one. The mentor provides advice and guidance to you before you start your course and is there throughout your journey at Cardiff University. The mentor can assist you on a range of issues such as:

  • funding issues
  • money management
  • housing
  • employment
  • academic-related (extenuating circumstances, taking time out of your course etc).

The mentor can assist you by liaising with student finance to ensure they treat you as an independent student to help you get the maximum funding you are entitled to.

Lena Smith

Support meeting

Once you have been offered a place with us, we will offer you the opportunity to come and meet the dedicated contact before the start of the course to assist with the transition to university life. You can also bring along to the meeting your support worker or whoever you feel most comfortable with. During this meeting we can discuss the following:

  • how much financial support is available
  • how to apply to student finance as an estranged student
  • the type of accommodation best suited to you
  • where appropriate, make provision for any additional support eg. for a disability or specific learning difficulties.

Accommodation support

We offer year-round accommodation to students who are estranged, so you don’t have to worry about somewhere to stay over the vacation periods.

We provide support for students looking to rent in the private sector after the first year and can act as a guarantor if you need us to.

Estranged student bursary

We also offer a bursary for estranged students, details of which can be found on our bursaries page.