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Support for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students

We are working hard to ensure that our university community reflects the diversity found in society, and we can offer tailored support to Black, Asian and Minority Students who choose to study with us.


Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic is currently used in the UK as a term to describe anyone from a non-white background.

We use the broad term Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic to identify students who self-identify as an ethnicity other than White British, but despite our use of this term for identification purposes, we recognise that it should not be used to replace the distinct ethnic identities that are present in each group.

How we support you

Culturally diverse and multilingual one to one appointments

We are able to offer one to one counselling appointments in many different languages and access to a diverse team of practitioners through our partners Problem Shared.

Coffee Lounges for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students

Coffee lounges are run weekly (during term time) by our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Wellbeing Champions, providing an opportunity for students from ethnic minority backgrounds to meet in a relaxed environment, talk about their student experience and discuss wellbeing strategies and signposting which may be helpful.

LGBT+ Space for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students

LGBT+ Space for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students is for people who identify as LGBT+ and are also from an ethnic minority background. It is a safe space to help people feel validated and to equip them with the tools and the confidence to deal with whatever wider society throws at them.

Culturally diverse themed events on campus

Our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Wellbeing Champions run additional events throughout the year on specific awareness days and during key religious holidays.


We deliver workshops throughout the year on topics including race equality awareness and culture shock.

Black Students Talk also hold free wellbeing workshops for Black students in the UK. It is a safe and open space for Black students to talk about their mental health issues, or to just have people to talk to.

Equality and diversity in the workplace

Employers across all sectors are realising the importance of having a diverse workforce from a range of ethnic and social backgrounds.

Student Futures promote equality, diversity and inclusion and are there to help with any aspect of your job selection process. You can book a confidential and impartial appointment with one of their career advisers via your Student Futures account.

Racial harassment, violence and abuse

We know that some of our students from ethnic minority backgrounds will experience racial harassment or other forms of violence or abuse.

The Disclosure Response Team are available to speak to students and provide practical support if you are experiencing any kind of violence or abuse. This includes support for students who have experienced racial harassment, racism, forced marriage, honour-based violence or any other behaviour that is considered offensive or distressing.

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