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Experience Welsh language and culture

The Welsh language is unique to Wales and is at the heart of the university. You'll see and hear the Welsh language on campus and around the city itself.

Croeso! (That's Welsh for 'welcome'). We are a welcoming city.

Welsh, English and other international languages are at the heart of Cardiff's identity and diverse communities.

Our belief is that the Welsh language belongs to everyone who lives here.

Learn Welsh

It's not essential to understand or speak Welsh to live here. But learning Welsh can:

  • enrich your experience at Cardiff
  • help you gain a deeper understanding of Wales, its culture, history, and people

With Learn Welsh Cardiff you can:

  • start learning Welsh
  • improve your existing Welsh language skills

You can also learn Welsh alongside learning other languages at the university.

Apply to stay at one of our accommodation options for Welsh speakers and learners to immerse yourself in the language.

Events and culture

Clwb Ifor Bach
Clwb Ifor Bach © Simon Ayre

Join one of the Welsh-language student societies to get to know other Welsh speakers. They're not only for Welsh speakers. The croeso extends to anyone who is new to the language or interested in the Welsh culture and language.

The Cardiff Citizen module is also an opportunity to get to know other Welsh-speakers.

You can also hear Welsh language broadcasts and music on the students' Xpress RadioGair Rhydd, the student newspaper, publishes articles in Welsh in the Taf-Od section.

The Welsh language thrives in Cardiff as part of a lively cultural scene. The Tafwyl festival that happens every summer within Cardiff Castle is worth a visit.

Your Welsh language rights

Members of Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Caerdydd

Cardiff is the capital of Wales, with Welsh and English as official languages. You have a right to:

  • receive our services through the medium of Welsh
  • study or experience life through the medium of Welsh

We are here to make this possible and offer you a unique student experience. A key part of this is our Academi Gymraeg - the University's Welsh language Academy.

The rights and well-being of Welsh-language students are also represented by:

  • Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Caerdydd (the Welsh-language Studens' Union)
  • the Students' Union Welsh Language Officer

Learn about Welsh at the university

Living in Cardiff

Our students fall in love with Cardiff. So what makes the Welsh capital so appealing?

2015 Creative Minds Scholarship winners

Studying in Welsh

Choosing to study in Welsh will broaden your career and study options while also introducing you to a new world at the university and beyond

Tutor at the School of Welsh

Courses available in Welsh

We have up to 80 courses in 12 subject areas which are available in part or entirely in Welsh