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Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence

The Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence (EVCE) at Cardiff University is a multi-disciplinary centre that is unique in academic electric vehicle (EV) research teams.

We bring together experts from Cardiff University School of Engineering, Cardiff Business School’s Centre for Automotive Industry Research (CAIR) and the School of Psychology to investigate and help address the remaining barriers to the widespread introduction of electric vehicles.

The barriers preventing the widespread introduction of electric vehicles are often not just technological ones, but can be due to regulations, user or potential user attitudes.

There are also potential barriers due to the new relationships along the value chain that these new technologies bring with them. These include the transition needed within the existing automotive supply chain. The future of existing suppliers less secure (e.g. valves, pistons, camshafts), while new suppliers are not necessarily used to working with automotive clients (batteries, traction motors, ICT). But they also go beyond the conventional automotive supply chain where links with energy suppliers are now increasingly valued, while the move towards connected and autonomous vehicles also creates the need for new relationships and partnerships.

All three participating Schools have a track record in various aspects of the EV value chain, including areas such as smart grids, energy demand scenarios for EVs, regulatory options and incentives, consumer barriers and incentives.

All three Schools are among the top ranking in their disciplines in the UK, the Schools of Psychology and Business in the top ten, while in global rankings, the Business School was recently ranked within the top 100 and the School of Psychology in the top 40.

Selected publications

Mourshed, Rezgui, Cipcigan, Rana European Commission (FP7) Multi-Agent Systems and secured coupling of Telecom and Energy grids for next generation smart grid services (MAS2TERING) 2014-2017 £396,378 and £25,284
Cipcigan, Jenkins, Rana, Burnap EPSRC (with TSB) Ebbs and flows of energy systems 2014-2017 £345,145
Cipcigan Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Future balancing services for high level of embedded electricity generation 2015-2016 £30,000
Burnap, Rana, Cipcigan EADS UK SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle 2014-2016 £277,660
Jenkins, Wu, Cipcigan EPSRC via Imperial College London Economics and grid planning for smart electromobility 2013-2016 £325,170
Whitmarsh, Xenias, Cipcigan European Commission Empowering e-fleets for business and private purposes in cities (Ebridge) 2013-2016 £146,628
Davies, Nieuwenhuis, Cipcigan ERDF INTERREG IVb ENEVATE2 2014-2015 n/a
Cipcigan National Grid Energy strategy and policy 2015 £10,000
Cipcigan, Rana Innovate UK Ebb and flow energy systems 2013 £10,665
Cipcigan Innovate UK Agent-based controllers for electric vehicles and microgenerators 2012-2013 £4,560
Cipcigan EPSRC Smart management of electric vehicles 2011-2013 £93,402
Whitmarsh, Xenias, Cipcigan UKERC via University of Westminster Scenarios for the development of smart grids in the UK 2011-2013 £140,270
Davies, Nieuwenhuis, Cipcigan ERDF INTERREG IVb European network on electric vehicles and transferring expertise (ENEVATE) 2010-2013 £355,408
Cipcigan, Holford, Davies EPSRC Pathways Electric Vehicle Value Chain - Bridging the Gaps 2011-2012 £39,164
Ekanayake, Jenkins, Cipcigan, Wu European Commission (FP7) Mobile Energy Resources in Grids of Electricity (MERGE) 2010-2011 £238,55

Academic staff

Liana Cipcigan

Yr Athro Liana Cipcigan

Senior Lecturer - Teaching and Research

+44 (0)29 2087 0665

Dr Dimitrios Xenias

Research Associate

+44 (0)29 2087 0714

Associated staff

Peter Wells

Yr Athro Peter Wells

Head of Logistics and Operations Management Section, Professor of Business and Sustainability

+44 (0)29 2087 5717
Omer Rana

Yr Athro Omer Rana

Professor of Performance Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 5542
Lorraine Whitmarsh

Yr Athro Lorraine Whitmarsh

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)29 2087 6972
Daniel Newman

Dr Daniel Newman

Lecturer in Law

+44 (0)29 2087 4049
Allison Wylde

Dr Allison Wylde

Business Tutor

+44 (0)29 2087 6013