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School seminars

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

We hold regular seminars in the School to discuss a wide range of exciting and thought-provoking research topics.

Speakers include both members of staff and invited guests. If you are interested in attending one of our seminars, please contact enginresearch@cardiff.ac.uk stating the date and title of the event, and why it interests you.

DateEvent Guest speakerTopic
2 June 2021IROHMSDr Cristian Vergara, KU LeuvenChorrobot: Challenging Operations using Reactive ROBOT control
2 June 2021IROHMSDr Ziad Salem, Joanneum ResearchI4RC (Illumination for Robotic Control):  The potential of visible light communication, positioning and sensing in the robotic domain.
The increasing use of white LEDs for indoor environment provides a significant opportunity for generating functionalities beyond illumination, like Visible Light Communication (VLC), Positioning (VLP) and Sensing (VLS).  This talk will discuss potential application scenarios of VLC, VLP, VLS and an Illumination for Robotic Control (I4RC) approach. It will also explore how VLS accentuates as an alternative option for industrial and home robot monitoring in combination with VLP and optical wireless communication.
26 May 2021IROHMSDr Tom Carlson, University College London (UCL)Shared Control for Assistive Robotics and Brain-Machine Interfaces
The principles of shared control integrate fast, reliable and precise task execution capabilities of automation with the complementary inventive, adaptive and interactive task execution skills of humans. In this talk we explore the progress made in shared control systems applied to assistive robots, such as smart wheelchairs. We also present how we are tackling several ongoing challenges through projects like H2020 CrowdBot project and the EU Interreg FCE ADAPT project.
12 May 2021 Dr Juan D. Hernández Vega, Cardiff School of Engineering Motion Planning for Multipurpose Autonomous Systems
Robots are continuously evolving towards becoming autonomous entities that are capable of operating in changing and unstructured settings. In this talk we will discuss how motion planning is being used to improve the decision-making capabilities of different types of autonomous systems, such as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), autonomous/automated cars and service robots
5 May 2021CHFE 

Prof George Dimitrakis, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham

Dielectric spectroscopy; a viable tool for process monitoring and optimisation of processes