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Visual computing research seminars

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The VLunch meeting is a regular event to discuss research of interest to the Visual Computing Group.

All who are interested are most welcome to attend any seminar.Date

28/09/201611:10S/2.11Aled OwenDo you need supervision? Learning to represent video from a sequential verification task
05/10/201611:10S/2.22Paul RosinThe Morecambe and Wise Show - Series One (1968)
12/10/201611:10S/2.22Karima ElmasriAutomatic detection and quantification of abdominal aortic calcification in dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
19/10/201611:10S/2.22Zafi SyedDepression screening from speech: The AVEC 2016 challenge
26/10/201611:10S/2.22Ning Dai
(Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics)
Computer aided design for complete denture
09/11/201611:10S/2.22Kaelon LloydViolent behaviour detection using motion trajectories
16/11/201611:10S/2.22Hui Huang Zhao
(Hengyang Normal University)
Adaptive gradient-based block compressive sensing with standard deviation
23/11/201611:10S/2.22Ali KhayeatCopy move forgery detection
30/11/201611:10S/2.22Ashwan AbdulmunemAction recognition based on geodesic paths in skeleton graphs
07/12/201611:10S/2.22Kirill SidorovPaleographic dating of birch bark manuscripts
11/01/201711:10S/2.22Padraig CorcoranModelling the topology of swarm behaviour
18/01/201711:10S/2.22Ali KhayeatCopy move forgery detection
25/01/201711:10S/3.21Paul RosinKeypoint Descriptors
01/02/201711:10S/3.21Wei ZhangSaliency Deviation Index: from visual saliency deviation to image quality evaluation
08/02/201711:10S/3.21David Pickup
(Snap Fashion)
Snap Tech - Working in a visual search startup
15/02/201711:10S/3.21Ralph MartinPop-up Transformers
22/02/201711:10S/3.21Richard MillikenTBA
08/03/201711:10S/3.21Jon Quinn (Reach Robotics)Robots! 2.0
15/03/201711:10S/3.21David Mould
(Carleton University, Canada)
Reduced-Palette Image Stylization
22/03/201711:10S/3.21Lucie Lévêque (University of Hull)Study of quality assessment of ultrasound videos for tele-assistance
29/03/201711:10S/3.21Aled OwenThe Highs and Lows of Experimenting with Deep Learning
05/04/201711:10S/3.21Bailin DengFrom Digital to Physical: Computational Tools for Design and Fabrication
03/05/201711:10S/3.21Muhammad Khurshid Asghar (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan)Robust image forgery detection using DRLBP and SVM
10/05/201711:10S/3.21Phoebe Asquith
Optimising ICA analysis: The components of James Bond
17/05/201711:10S/3.21Stefano ZappalàAnisotropic finite element models for brain injury prediction: The sensitivity of axonal strain to white matter tract inter-subject variability
31/05/201711:10S/3.21William WhiteGroupwise Automatic Music Transcription
07/06/201711:10S/3.21Juyong Zhang (University of Science and Technology)3D assisted face analysis

Please direct all questions about this research seminar programme to the co-ordinator Professor PL Rosin.


Please direct all questions about this research seminar programme to:

Paul Rosin

Yr Athro Paul Rosin

Professor of Computer Vision

+44 (0)29 2087 5585
Jing Wu

Dr Jing Wu

Research Fellow/Associate

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