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Visual computing research seminars

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The VLunch meeting is a regular event to discuss research of interest to the Visual Computing Group.

Seminars will be held at 11:10 in Room S/1.30, Queen's Buildings (South).

All are welcome to attend. More seminars will be added to the list throughout the year so please check back regularly.

29 April 2020Hongjin LyuWatercolour style transfer
22 April 2020Meijing Gao (Yanshan University, China)Optical micro-scanning thermal microscope imaging system
18 March 2020Sen-Zhe Xu (Tsinghua University, China)Simultaneous multi-attribute image-to-image translation
11 March 2020Zhongyu Jiang (Tianjin University, China)Reference Guided Face Super-Resolution via 3D Morphable Modeling
4 March 2020Qian Xie (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China)A brief introduction of deep learning on 3D point cloud
26 February 2020Han LiuGranular Computing Based Machine Learning for Deep Processing of Unstructured Data
19 February 2020Salma Al-QazzazDeep Learning-based Brain Tumour Image Segmentation with Extension to Stroke lesion Segmentation
12 February 2020Fahd Alhamazani3DSA-GAN: 3D Self-Attention GAN for Shape Completion from Single-View Depth Images
5 February 2020Brendan McCane
University of Otago, New Zealand
3D reconstruction of vertebrae from bi-planar x-rays
29 January 2020Paul RosinNeural Style Transfer with Additional Information
22 January 2020Mark Hall
The Open University
This is not funny
15 January 2020Emin Zerman
Trinity College Dublin
Perception and quality assessment for immersive imaging technologies
5 January 2020Feng Zhou
Beihang University, China
A small talk on semantic segmentation from RGB to RGBD
4 December 2019Dalia Alfarasani Measuring 3D mesh saliency using eye tracker
27 November 2019Roberto DykeShape correspondence and registration with non-isometric deformations
20 November 2019Yukun Lai Generative models for images and 3D shapes
13 November 2019Richard BoothA brief introduction to belief revision and some potential connections with computer vision
6 November 2019Yue Peng
University of Science and Technology of China
Accelerating ADMM for efficient simulation and optimization
30 October 2019Daniel FinneganHis recently CHI paper submission
23 October 2019Yipeng Qin Towards understanding how GANs really work
16 October 2019Bailin DengTowards scalable geometry processing (without solving linear systems)

The VLunch meeting is a regular event to discuss research of interest to the Visual Computing Group.

All who are interested are most welcome to attend any seminar.Date

28/09/201611:10S/2.11Aled OwenDo you need supervision? Learning to represent video from a sequential verification task
05/10/201611:10S/2.22Paul RosinThe Morecambe and Wise Show - Series One (1968)
12/10/201611:10S/2.22Karima ElmasriAutomatic detection and quantification of abdominal aortic calcification in dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
19/10/201611:10S/2.22Zafi SyedDepression screening from speech: The AVEC 2016 challenge
26/10/201611:10S/2.22Ning Dai
(Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics)
Computer aided design for complete denture
09/11/201611:10S/2.22Kaelon LloydViolent behaviour detection using motion trajectories
16/11/201611:10S/2.22Hui Huang Zhao
(Hengyang Normal University)
Adaptive gradient-based block compressive sensing with standard deviation
23/11/201611:10S/2.22Ali KhayeatCopy move forgery detection
30/11/201611:10S/2.22Ashwan AbdulmunemAction recognition based on geodesic paths in skeleton graphs
07/12/201611:10S/2.22Kirill SidorovPaleographic dating of birch bark manuscripts
11/01/201711:10S/2.22Padraig CorcoranModelling the topology of swarm behaviour
18/01/201711:10S/2.22Ali KhayeatCopy move forgery detection
25/01/201711:10S/3.21Paul RosinKeypoint Descriptors
01/02/201711:10S/3.21Wei ZhangSaliency Deviation Index: from visual saliency deviation to image quality evaluation
08/02/201711:10S/3.21David Pickup
(Snap Fashion)
Snap Tech - Working in a visual search startup
15/02/201711:10S/3.21Ralph MartinPop-up Transformers
22/02/201711:10S/3.21Richard MillikenTBA
08/03/201711:10S/3.21Jon Quinn (Reach Robotics)Robots! 2.0
15/03/201711:10S/3.21David Mould
(Carleton University, Canada)
Reduced-Palette Image Stylization
22/03/201711:10S/3.21Lucie Lévêque (University of Hull)Study of quality assessment of ultrasound videos for tele-assistance
29/03/201711:10S/3.21Aled OwenThe Highs and Lows of Experimenting with Deep Learning
05/04/201711:10S/3.21Bailin DengFrom Digital to Physical: Computational Tools for Design and Fabrication
03/05/201711:10S/3.21Muhammad Khurshid Asghar (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan)Robust image forgery detection using DRLBP and SVM
10/05/201711:10S/3.21Phoebe Asquith
Optimising ICA analysis: The components of James Bond
17/05/201711:10S/3.21Stefano ZappalàAnisotropic finite element models for brain injury prediction: The sensitivity of axonal strain to white matter tract inter-subject variability
31/05/201711:10S/3.21William WhiteGroupwise Automatic Music Transcription
07/06/201711:10S/3.21Juyong Zhang (University of Science and Technology)3D assisted face analysis

Please direct all questions about this research seminar programme to the co-ordinator Professor PL Rosin.


Please direct all questions about this research seminar programme to:

Yr Athro Paul Rosin

Yr Athro Paul Rosin

Professor of Computer Vision

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