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Get CreActive

Using the creative arts to explore challenges to physical activity for people with hip dysplasia.

Get CreActive

Young adults with acetabular dysplasia (YAwAD), an orthopaedic condition of the hip, often undergo multiple surgeries and can experience chronic pain, insomnia and difficulties walking which effects both their physical and mental health.

Consulting with YAwAD in a seminar series in 2018, we know that specialist services for AD are limited and getting access to advice about pre and post-operative rehabilitation is difficult, leaving YAwAD feeling isolated and unsure about what physical activity (PA) they can and can't do and without a connection to a peer support group via local services, disabling them further.

To resolve this sense of isolation and explore the PA challenges they face to help shape future research projects, we want to bring YAwAD together in a series of online gatherings and face-to-face creative arts workshops.

Learning about hip health and setting research priorities in online gatherings, YAwAD will then work with a digital story-maker, visual artist, comedy theatre company and a dancer in ‘cre-active’ workshops to represent their experiences of physical activity and explore new ways of being `active'.

All creative outputs will be used to make a website/blogsite to improve YAwAD knowledge of hip health and facilitate UK-wide online peer support about PA.

Key facts

Start date 1 Oct 2020
End date 30 Jun 2021
Grant value £14,825
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