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Interlinking Award

This scheme is currently closed.

This is a new scheme with the aim of  supporting collaborative, team-focused science research by bringing together distinct research groups across the College, University and/ or via external partners with a focus at addressing a large-scale biomedical/ societal/ environmental research challenge.

To promote a team science approach in the College and help evidence a track-record of collaboration, these awards, developed via workshops, will fund 2-3 thematically linked interdisciplinary projects addressing key health and environmental grand challenges. Cross-College, UK or international collaborations are encouraged, especially where new methods / scientific approaches will be brought to Cardiff.

Funding should be used to support a set of thematically interlinked, but focused projects where the research outcomes are enhanced by application of different disciplinary approaches in parallel, and where evidencing a track-record of collaboration between research groups would help support a sustainable large-scale funding bid (eg, a Wellcome Trust Collaboration Award or small-scale Centre bid).

With a strong focus on early career researchers as part of Wellcome Trust ISSF3, we also expect that Interlinking Awards will enhance opportunities for early career researchers, exposing them to new research disciplines and collaborations, and placing them in a position to develop a unique collaborative research niche that would support an application for an early career fellowship or new researcher grant.

Awards must be led by a researcher based in the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, but inclusion of applicants from other Colleges at Cardiff University, especially where research aligns to the priorities of the Wellcome Trust would be viewed highly positively. Collaboration with external Institutions (including outside of the UK) is also encouraged, consistent with the requirements of the Wellcome Trust Collaborative Awards.


  • Maximum duration of each award: Variable length
  • Maximum amount of (£) each award: £145,000

How to apply

ISSF3 Interlinking Award Application

Application form for ISSF3 Interlinking Award

Interlinking Award Guidance

Guidance document for ISSF3 Interlinking Award

Further information

For more information about funding calls, application forms, panels please contact:

Hasnae Khamlichi

Research Support Officer