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Cross-Disciplinary Award

This scheme is currently closed.

Cross-Disciplinary Research Awards are designed to promote research innovation aligned to new interdisciplinary research, including collaboration with researchers from other Colleges in the University around strategically important biomedical research questions.

Awards must be led by a researcher based in the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, but inclusion of applicants from other Colleges at Cardiff University and / or from other external institutions (such as our GW4 partners) will be viewed positively.

The Cross-Disciplinary Research Award will fund exciting and innovative cross-disciplinary projects which have the potential to significantly advance discovery in the chosen research area. We will fund new projects that bring together distinct research expertise to address priority research problems where there is a clear pathway to sustainable external funding. Such projects also provide an opportunity to train early career researchers across disciplinary boundaries, placing them in a competitive position to obtain independent research funding.

Jennifer Davies

'Giving this relatively small amount of money to an established PI may sometimes be a drop in the ocean, but to an ECR such as myself it’s already having a huge impact.'

Jennifer Davies, School of Healthcare Sciences


  • Maximum duration of each award: Variable length
  • Maximum amount of each award: £50,000

How to apply

This scheme is currently closed.

ISSF3 Cross-Disciplinary Award Application

23 September 2019

Application form for ISSF3 Cross-Disciplinary Award


ISSF3 Cross-Disciplinary Award Guidance

23 September 2019

Guidance document for ISSF3 Cross-Disciplinary Award


Further information

For more information about funding calls, application forms, panels please contact:

Hasnae Khamlichi

Research Support Officer