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Centre for Trials Research

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We aim to improve the health and well-being of society through recognised excellence in clinical trials and other well designed studies.

The Centre for Trials Research at Cardiff University is the largest group of academic clinical trials staff in Wales. The Centre tackles the big diseases, and health concerns of our time, including growing resistance to antibiotics, early cancer diagnosis and how to eliminate health inequalities.

The Centre achieves this by forming partnerships with researchers and building lasting relationships with the public, whose participation is essential for the success of studies.

The Centre consists of UKCRC-registered clinical trials units and its Research Design and Conduct Service South East Wales.

Research themes

The Centre for Trials Research has four core research themes:

The Centre is continuing to develop trials for medical devices and is establishing a portfolio of research on statistical methods and the older person.

The Centre for Trials Research is publicly-funded to enable applied research that informs policy in health and social care in Wales and the UK, and is currently running studies across Wales, the UK and internationally. The Centre is funded through Welsh government by Health and Care Research Wales, and Cancer Research UK.

Access to Research Data requests

The Centre aims to make its research data available wherever possible, subject to regulatory approvals, any terms and conditions placed upon us from external providers, patient confidentiality and all laws concerning the protection of personal information.

Data is generally freely available, but recipients are expected to acknowledge the original creators in any public use of the data or in publishing research results based wholly or in part upon the data – anyone requesting access to data will be asked to agree to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

We may ask the requester to cover reasonable cost for preparing and providing the data (for example physical storage and postage, where dataset size makes it impractical to provide data by electronic means).

Requests for access to the Centre’s data should be e-mailed to for assessment, providing sufficient detail to uniquely identify the dataset sought and appropriate contact details for the requester.

Contact us

The Centre is willing to consider any well-designed study or trial idea, even those outside its current areas of research. For more information about collaborating with the team, please contact:

Centre for Trials Research