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From psychology to medicine, the impact of our research continues to reach far beyond the world-class journals in which it is published.

For example, Professor Jonathan Shepherd's Violence and Society Research Group is comprised of academics in the School of Dentistry. Their highly successful model for reducing alcohol-related violence has not only influenced policy in the UK, but has also been adopted by the Dutch government and police.

Our flagship Research Institutes have made huge strides in combating cancer and mental health illnesses.

Having secured a major Wellcome Trust Strategic Award worth £5.2M, Professor Mike Owen, Director of the Medical Research Council-funded Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute has gathered together experts from the Schools of Medicine, Psychology and Biosciences. They have now embarked on a bold project to develop a new and unique approach to understanding mental illnes, combining cellular, animal and human models of research.

Working out of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute (ECSCRI), Professor Alan Clarke and his team recently unveiled a new cancer-fighting strategy. The team's research takes a novel approach to treating cancer: he believes that only a small number of cancer cells govern its growth, and so is trying to find a way of targeting these cells to cut the life supply of the tumour.

Also leading the way with his cutting-edge research is Dr Arwyn Jones from our School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, who is working alongside 13 European partners to help turn novel therapeutic molecules into effective medicines. Another luminary in his field is Professor Nick Topley from the School of Medicine. He has developed an innovative way of detecting bacterial infection in dialysis patients using their own immune system. This will help doctors make a more accurate and timely diagnosis for patients recovering from kidney failure.

Many of our Academic Schools and Research Institutes are recognised as authorities in their respective fields, including the Schools of Healthcare Sciences and Optometry and Vision Sciences.

We engage with academia, business, government, schools and the community through a wide range of activities and events. Strong links with local organisations which promote a variety of sciences and engineering, charities, local authorities and Welsh Government. We are a responsive and joined-up environment in which to conduct your research.