Gyrfaoedd a chyflogadwyedd

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

In 2013, 90% of our undergraduates were in employment or further study within six months of graduation.

Our graduates embark on careers in an impressive range of sectors.

From the public to the private sector, careers are forged in a range of professions, from banking and law to teaching and working in the media. Many pursue paths more traditionally linked to our vocational disciplines such as the heritage sector, faith organisations and NGOs.

Bespoke career support

We offer advice and guidance to our students at every stage of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Enhancing the University's central Careers and Employability programme, we offer additional expert support and guidance through our dedicated in-School professional.

Our advisor delivers an additional tailored range of careers-related events throughout the year and can help you to meet your career ambitions through a range of focused activities.

One-to-one sessions are also on offer by appointment.

On offer within the School

The school offers careers and employability support, including:

  • drop-in careers lounge (advice sessions)
  • social networking masterclass
  • CV masterclass
  • professional networking events (related sector areas such as heritage)
  • professional guest speakers from a wide range of sector (e.g. teaching, heritage, charity sector)
  • work experience placements & advice (eg museums, archives, heritage sector)
  • enterprise activities
  • current labour market information.