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Digital solutions for water risk management

Integrating sensors, data platforms, models and end users to improve how we manage water resources.

Key contact

Dr Christopher Hubbard

Dr Christopher Hubbard

Research and Impact Officer (Water Research Institute)

+44 (0)29 2087 4667


Autonomous sensors, the Internet of Things, big data, machine learning and smartphones are all changing the way we interact with the world around us.

"Digital twins" of the natural environment and man-made infrastructure are starting to emerge, offering new solutions and early warning systems for water risk management. In this theme, we are developing these new tools for the benefit of both people and ecosystems:

  • Digital water bodies: how do we integrate sensors, models and data visualisation tools into how we perceive and manage the natural environment and water resources?
  • Digital water infrastructure: what does the advent of smart meters and online tools mean for water and wastewater treatment systems, water distribution networks and customer behaviours?
  • Citizen science: how can private citizens, special interest groups, and professionals use these new tools to participate in the stewardship of our shared waters?


Find out more about our research activities:

Watch the video about the Cryoegg technology

  • Cryoegg - sensors for glaciers and rivers
  • WISDOM Project (now finished) - Water Analytics and Intelligent Sensing for Demand Optimised Management

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