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Next-generation tools for water solutions

Integrating sensors, data science, modelling, citizen science and data-human interfaces to manage risks to water resources and ecosystems.


Autonomous sensors, the Internet of Things, data science and citizen science are all changing the way we interact with the world around us. They open new avenues in managing freshwater resources using innovative digital approaches. We develop innovative solutions, such as “Digital twins” of the natural environment and man-made infrastructure that offer new solutions and early warning systems for water risk management. Our interdisciplinary research aims to improve how we manage the competing demands on freshwater across different scales, from individual domestic water users to large businesses and from natural ecosystems to man-made water systems.

Project highlights

Find out more about our research activities:

Watch the video about the Cryoegg technology.



The WISDOM project integrated innovative technologies and services to improve efficiency in the water sector and induce changes in consumer behaviour.

Ladybower reservoir

Reservoir water community monitoring project awarded Ofwat Innovation Funding

Dr Rupert Perkins and Prof Peter Kille win the Ofwat Innovation in Water Challenge to monitor reservoir water communities using environmental DNA.

Wye catchment

Citizen science project aims to improve water quality monitoring across the Wye catchment

Cardiff University researchers will provide tools and training to local communities around the Wye catchment to enhance citizen science water quality monitoring

PhD research

PhD projectStudentSupervisorPartner

Using in situ sensors to monitor ecosystem health in freshwater catchments

Inge ElfferichLiz BagshawDŵr Cymru Welsh Water

Novel technologies for early detection and monitoring of fish pathogens

Scott MacAulayJo Cable 

Bridging ecology and technology: using citizen science and artificial intelligence to track fish health

Agnethe OlsenSarah PerkinsThe Wye and Usk Foundation

Using environmental DNA to understand the role of connectivity in pond ecosystems

Claire RobertsonDan ReadFreshwater Habitats Trust

Water quality monitoring via Hydrobean, low-cost wireless sensing network

Elle von BenzonLiz Bagshaw