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Water security for safe and resilient societies

Understanding the impact of climate and socioeconomic change on water and the environment.


Floods, droughts, poor water quality, and disparities in regional access to water are exacerbated by a changing climate. Intertwined with these are a range of socioeconomic and political drivers such as population growth, increased urbanisation, land conversion and industrialization, which complicate solving water-related environmental problems that affect human society and ecosystems.

Our interdisciplinary researchers work across national borders in a variety of environments to meet the challenges set by UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 – ensuring access to clean water, understanding the impact of the climate crisis and anthropogenic pressures, co-developing effective solutions in partnership.

Related projects

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A collaborative EU project to improve climate change resilience and tackle food and water insecurity in the Horn of Africa drylands.


'Every living thing': The nexus of cultural and economic values within resilient urban water systems

An interdisciplinary project to strengthen the resilience of urban water systems in Hargeisa, Somaliland.


Groundwater access in urban Africa

We are currently undertaking a series of activities on groundwater access in urban Africa.

A dry Namibian landscape

Phoenix Waters

Working together to meet the water research needs of the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa.


Welsh Water Resilience Study

This study identified emerging resilience challenges in the water sector to better inform Welsh Water’s strategy.

PhD research

PhD projectStudentLead supervisor

Flood modelling in the Severn Valley

Sam RowleyShunqi Pan

Improving estimates of land evapotranspiration

Kasongo Emmanuel ShutshaAdrian Chappell

Effects of land use on the resilience of stream invertebrates to climate change (2023)

Fiona JoyceIan Vaughan
Assessing variations in water availability to vegetation and its consequences on the riparian forest of the arid southwestern USA in service of ecosystem conservation (2023)Romy SabathierMichael Singer
Detection of forest water stress under future climate change in drought prone ecosystems of the Southwestern United States (2022)Maria WarterMichael Singer