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Water Research Institute

Addressing the grand challenge of sustaining water for people and ecosystems in a changing world.

We have long-standing relationships with partners from industry, academia, government and regulation, and the third sector.

Latest news


Supporting capacity and capability in the freshwater sector

30 November 2021

The Water Research Institute recently interviewed a range of experts to better understand current and future freshwater needs, and the role of stakeholders in addressing them.

Research films put science at heart of COP Cymru

24 November 2021

Video series demonstrates strength of Wales’s climate research


Disrupting the body clocks of fish could be bad for their health

17 November 2021

The findings of a new study, co-led by Prof Jo Cable, Chair of Parasitology and Head of the Organisms and Environment Division at Cardiff University, could have implications for the farmed fish industry.

Through interdisciplinary research, we provide innovative solutions to the challenges of water use and management.

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We believe that early-career researchers are key to triggering an interdisciplinary community. Our early-career group includes MSc and PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers from different disciplines across Cardiff University.