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Water Research Institute

Addressing the grand challenge of sustaining water for people and ecosystems in a changing world.

We are proud to be part of the GW4 Water Security Alliance.

Latest news

Capture architecture projects (1)

Water at the centre of new architecture projects

14 October 2020

This year again students from the School of Architecture, under the supervision of Dr Marga Munar Bauza, constructed their final project around the topic of freshwater in the Elan Valley.


Say goodbye to pointless packaging as award-winning campaign Refill expands

28 September 2020

In Cardiff, the growing campaign has been led by the Water Research Institute's early-career group for the past two years.

River with small waterfall

Noise is polluting our waters

23 September 2020

Plastic isn’t the only pollutant impacting our lakes, rivers and oceans, as new research reveals the detrimental impacts of noise pollution on aquatic life.

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Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary research and the next generation of water researchers.

Through interdisciplinary research, we provide innovative solutions to the challenges of water use and management.

Our early career researchers are leading the Refill Cardiff campaign.