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Water Research Institute

Addressing the grand challenge of sustaining water for people and ecosystems in a changing world.

Integrating sensors, data platforms, models and end users to improve how we manage water resources.

Latest news

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Covid-19 - Cardiff wins £1m for Sêr Cymru research

12 January 2021

Fourteen novel projects tackle challenges


PhD Insights: Understanding the transport and fate of microplastics in freshwater environments

11 January 2021

PhD student James Lofty uses principles of hydrodynamics and sediment transport to understand the fate of microplastics in aquatic systems.


Investigating the role of leaky barriers in flood attenuation

1 December 2020

This interdisciplinary collaboration investigated the role of leaky barriers in flood attenuation and will provide practical recommendations to stakeholders.

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Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary research and the next generation of water researchers.

Through interdisciplinary research, we provide innovative solutions to the challenges of water use and management.

Our early career researchers are leading the Refill Cardiff campaign.