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About us

The Water Research Institute was launched in 2015 to address the grand challenge of sustainable water management for people and ecosystems in a changing world.

Our mission is to foster world-leading interdisciplinary research that will have strong impact and be used as evidence by decision makers. We do this by providing a creative environment where researchers from different disciplines co-design and co-deliver research with stakeholders and end-users to provide integrated understanding and solutions to tackle global water challenges.

Image of a water treatment plant


Through interdisciplinary research, we provide innovative solutions to the challenges of water use and management.

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Meet our researchers, drawn from a wide-range of disciplines including biology, chemistry, geography, earth sciences, maths, engineering and psychology.



We have long-standing relationships with partners from industry, academia, government and regulation, and the third sector.

Early-career researchers

We believe that early-career researchers are key to triggering an interdisciplinary community. Our early-career group includes PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from different disciplines across Cardiff University.

Since September 2018, our early-career group has been leading the Refill campaign in Cardiff.


Early career

Meet the postgraduate, PhD students and early-career researchers that are part of our early-career group.

Contact our early-career committee to find out how you can get involved in the early-career group.