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We bring together groups of researchers to explore a range of interdisciplinary water themes.

Our groups are always keen to collaborate with partners from industry, government, the third sector and academia.


Water in a changing world

Understanding the impact of climate and socioeconomic change on water resources.


Catchment and ecosystem resilience

Taking a catchment-based approach to understanding the resilience of ecosystems and ecosystem services.


Circular water

Optimising water resource efficiency and treatment with a whole-systems approach.


Digital solutions for water risk management

Integrating sensors, data platforms, models and end users to improve how we manage water resources.


Water for health, wellbeing and livelihoods

Applying a One Health approach to the role of resilient freshwaters in community health and wellbeing.

We believe it's important to respond to current and emerging societal challenges that cross-cut our themes. Find out more about the work of our affiliated researchers on plastics:


Plastics from source to sink

Providing evidence to understand and tackle the plastics challenge in freshwaters.