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Ladybower reservoir

Reservoir water community monitoring project awarded Ofwat Innovation Funding

4 May 2021

Our affiliated researchers Dr Rupert Perkins and Prof Peter Kille recently won the Ofwat Innovation in Water Challenge to monitor reservoir water community using environmental DNA.


World Water Day 2021: Recognising the value of water for people and ecosystems

22 March 2021

This year’s World Water Day, our affiliated researchers tell us more about the way they value water, personally and in their research, and the importance of preserving this precious resource.


Informing the UK Parliament on the state of rivers

15 March 2021

Prof Steve Ormerod acted as lead witness for the UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry on river water quality.

Discover Mixoplankton at British Science Week 2021

15 March 2021

Researchers webinar for students promotes science undertaken in Wales as part of British Science Week


PhD Insights: Monitoring the behaviour and hydrodynamics of fish at migration barriers

8 March 2021

PhD student Guglielmo Sonnino-Sorisio monitors fish behaviour and hydrodynamics at migratory barriers to restore river connectivity.


International knowledge exchange projects to monitor levels of COVID-19 in wastewater worldwide

17 February 2021

The WEWASH Team are sharing their expertise with local and international partners to develop and apply monitoring systems of COVID-19 levels in wastewater worldwide.


PhD Insights: In-situ sensors and citizen science for effective river water quality monitoring

8 February 2021

PhD student Elle von Benzon is participating in the development of a low-cost wireless sensor, accessible to citizen scientists, that will monitor river water quality in real-time.

WEWASH Testing Emma Green

Extension of the WEWASH project to continue monitoring levels of COVID-19 in wastewater across Wales

19 January 2021

The interdisciplinary team behind the WEWASH project will continue to sample and test wastewater to estimate the occurrence of the virus across Wales.

Stock image of coronavirus

Covid-19 - Cardiff wins £1m for Sêr Cymru research

12 January 2021

Fourteen novel projects tackle challenges


PhD Insights: Understanding the transport and fate of microplastics in freshwater environments

11 January 2021

PhD student James Lofty uses principles of hydrodynamics and sediment transport to understand the fate of microplastics in aquatic systems.