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Research films put science at heart of COP Cymru

24 November 2021

Video series demonstrates strength of Wales’s climate research


Disrupting the body clocks of fish could be bad for their health

17 November 2021

The findings of a new study, co-led by Prof Jo Cable, Chair of Parasitology and Head of the Organisms and Environment Division at Cardiff University, could have implications for the farmed fish industry.


Uncovering the impact of domestication on Atlantic salmon eye size

29 September 2021

Over 15 generations of breeding salmon in captivity for food, farmed salmon have developed smaller eyes than wild salmon which could reduce their survival capacity when escaping captivity and have negative consequences for their offspring.

Cardiff scientist receives future leader funding

10 September 2021

Dr Michael Prior-Jones receives prestigious research grant to help advance glacier research in Greenland

California Dry

Understanding the onset and propagation of drought in soil moisture and grassland vegetation responses in Southern California

10 August 2021

As drought intensifies in Southern California, new research shows a noticeable shift in the browning of grassland vegetation, raising the risk of severe and extensive wildfires in this region.

‘Live fast, die young’ cycle threatening California’s ecosystems

15 June 2021

Intensive water management causing short-term gains but long-term damage to one of the most biodiverse regions in the world

Wye catchment

Citizen science project aims to improve water quality monitoring across the Wye catchment

17 May 2021

Cardiff University researchers will provide tools and training to local communities around the Wye catchment to enhance citizen science water quality monitoring

Increasing nutrient inputs in mangrove ecosystems risks a surge of greenhouse gas emissions

10 May 2021

New research finds a risk of rising nitrous oxide emissions from mangrove ecosystems due to increased nutrient inputs caused by environmental pollution

Ladybower reservoir

Reservoir water community monitoring project awarded Ofwat Innovation Funding

4 May 2021

Dr Rupert Perkins and Prof Peter Kille win the Ofwat Innovation in Water Challenge to monitor reservoir water communities using environmental DNA.


World Water Day 2021: Recognising the value of water for people and ecosystems

22 March 2021

This year’s World Water Day, our affiliated researchers tell us more about the way they value water, personally and in their research, and the importance of preserving this precious resource.