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Funding options

Funding for your postgraduate degree is available from a variety of sources.

Research Council funding

The UK's seven Research Councils offer government funding directly to research organisations – including Cardiff University – for UK and EU postgraduate students.

More about Research Council funding

With regards to finding your own funding, the first step I would recommend is looking at the university website. You will often find university-wide scholarships available, just like the Master’s Excellence Scholarships. You will find the eligibility requirements details and how to apply.

Ben, Operational Research, Applied Statistics and Financial Risk

Charities, trusts and other external bodies

Our 4 year PhD in Integrative Neuroscience is supported by the Wellcome Trust, the UK's largest provider of non-governmental funding for scientific research.

In addition, there are numerous organisations offering alternative sources of funding for postgraduate courses. These awards are unlikely to cover full expenses but offer help towards overall costs.

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding, a free eBook available to current Cardiff University students, applicants and prospective students, provides guidance and advice on writing funding applications and contains links to over 300 alternative funding bodies.

In addition, Cardiff University subscribes to Research Professional providing access to their research funding and news service for current students of Cardiff University.

Part-time employment

Many postgraduates take paid employment while pursuing their studies.

"I am a self-funded student and have registered with the University Jobshop, who send me regular updates on part-time job opportunities. I would suggest postgraduates (especially international students) contact the University to find out about the large number of funding opportunities available here."

Devika Jeet, MA International Journalism

Funding for study and research abroad

A range of organisations provide funding to promote cultural exchange and international mobility in research and teaching. These funding opportunities are generally for doctoral students wishing to conduct part of their studies or research abroad.


Crowdfunding is an alternative way of raising finance to fund your studies. It involves fundraising, encouraging donations of small amounts of money from a large amount of people, which are then used towards the cost of your degree.