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Social work bursaries

Social work bursaries are available for students from England and Wales.

The information on this page relates to the funding available in the 2022-23 academic year. We will update this page in due course once we have confirmation of the funding for 2023-24.

Depending on where you live before the start of your course, you can apply to either Social Care Wales if you were living in Wales, or if you live in England you can apply to NHS Business Services Authority.

Social work bursaries for Welsh students

Apply to the Social Work Bursary Scheme (SWBS). You will need to create an account on the Social Care Wales website to apply for your funding and you will need to reapply for each year of your course.

Bursary to help with tuition fees and living costs £12,715 Not income assessed
Adult dependents grant £2,645 Income assessed
Parents learning allowance £1,505 Income assessed
Childcare grantOne child - up to  £8,330 per year

Two or more children - up to £14,285 per year
Income assessed

Social work bursaries for English students

Apply for the social work bursary via the NHS Business Services Authority website. You will need to create an account to apply, and you will need to re-apply for each year of your course.